Things Every Developer Should Know

Things Every Developer Should Know Courseware (DEV102)

This Things Every Developer Should Know course reviews a variety of skills that every developer should possess from basics like working with zipped folders and taking screenshots to working with Visual Studio code and asking good questions in the developer community on Stack Overflow.

Publisher: Webucator


This course is for new developers who need to learn or review some essential skills and knowledge required in software development. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Fundamental Understanding: The course provides a foundational understanding of basic but essential concepts like Zip files, file extensions, screenshots, command-line shell, relative and absolute paths, and environment variables, providing participants with the technical language and understanding they need to communicate effectively and navigate the development environment efficiently.
  2. Cross-platform Proficiency: By providing exercises on both Windows and Mac platforms, it ensures participants can work proficiently in diverse environments. This cross-platform approach increases the learner's flexibility and adaptability in a multi-platform world.
  3. Real-world Skills: Skills like taking screenshots, handling Zip files, and dealing with paths and environment variables are often taken for granted but are vital in the everyday life of a developer. Learning these enhances productivity and makes common tasks more efficient.
  4. Navigational Fluency: By teaching how to use command-line shells like CMD, PowerShell, and zsh, the course ensures developers can navigate and manipulate their system effectively, a key skill when dealing with development environments, version control systems, and more.
  5. Browser and Editor Mastery: By diving into Chrome browser usage and Visual Studio Code, the course prepares developers to leverage these tools to their full extent, boosting their coding and debugging skills.
  6. Communication Skills: The section on asking good questions on Stack Overflow is a cherry on the cake, enhancing developers' ability to seek help and collaborate effectively within the global developer community.


  1. Zip Files
    1. What is a Zip File?
    2. Zip Files on Windows (Exercise)
    3. Zip Files on Mac (Exercise)
  2. Showing Extensions
    1. What is an Extension?
    2. Show Extensions on Windows (Exercise)
    3. Show Extensions on Mac (Exercise)
  3. Taking Screenshots
    1. What is Screenshot?
    2. Taking Screenshots on Windows (Exercise)
    3. Taking Screenshots on Mac (Exercise)
  4. Using Command Line Shell
    1. What is a Command Line Shell?
    2. CMD and PowerShell on Windows (Exercise)
    3. zsh on Mac (Exercise)
  5. Relative and Absolute Paths
    1. Absolute and Relative Paths
    2. Paths on Windows (Exercise)
    3. Paths on Macs (Exercise)
  6. Environment Variables
    1. What is a Environment Variable?
    2. Path Environment Variable on Windows (Exercise)
    3. Path Environment Variable on Mac (Exercise)
  7. Browsers
    1. URL
    2. Using the Chrome Browser (Exercise)
  8. Visual Studio Code
    1. Creating a Workspace (Exercise)
    2. Reveal in File Explorer and Open Terminal View (Exercise)
    3. Compare Files (Exercise)
    4. Install Extensions (Exercise)
  9. Stack Overflow
    1. How to Ask a Good Question

Required Prerequisites