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In Courseware Store, you will discover a specialized selection of Angular courseware, expertly crafted to empower training companies to deliver top-notch Angular classes to their clients. From understanding the MEAN JavaScript Technology Stack, which includes MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.JS, to diving into the intricacies of Angular, our courses provide comprehensive insights and hands-on experience.

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MEAN JavaScript Technology Stack Training

MEAN JavaScript Technology Stack Training (WA2497)

5 days

What is Mean Stack? Our Mean Stack course goes in depth to answer this question. MEAN [MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.JS] represents a new breed of software platforms that creatively leverage a stack of production-ready technologies centered on JavaScript. This intensive training course introduces the students to the essential concepts, design principles, idioms, and techniques behind the efficient use of the MEAN JavaScript Technology Stack. Upon completion of this training course, students will have a solid understanding of MEANS’ value proposition; they will also gain practical experience working with all the components of the MEAN stack. This high-octane training course …

Comprehensive Angular 15 Programming

Comprehensive Angular 15 Programming (WA3281)

5 days

This intensive Angular 15 training course is a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on labs that includes an introduction to Angular, followed by TypeScript, components, directives, services, HTTPClient, testing, and debugging.