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Buying courseware in Courseware Store

Courseware Store is a one-stop destination for finding courseware for your classes. As trainers ourselves, we understand the importance of delivering engaging and effective training, and we know the importance of having excellent courseware and an easy-to-use platform. In Courseware Store, you will find top-notch courseware and first-rate support.

  • Simple Search: Easily find and preview courseware to use in your classes.
  • Easy Administration: When you license courseware for a class, you get a list of redemption keys. Simply send them their redemption keys and they’ll be able to access their courseware quickly and easily.
  • Easy Access for Trainers and Students: Trainers and students can easily access the courseware used in their classes through their My Courseware pages.
  • No Subscription Fees: Courseware Store does not charge any monthly or annual subscription fee. You pay for what you use.
  • Direct Feedback Loop: Your students and trainers can provide direct feedback to the courseware authors, which not only helps to ensure the courseware stays up to date, it provides a mechanism for your trainers to ask questions and to influence what is covered in the courses.

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