Captivate Courseware

In Courseware Store, you will find a dedicated selection of Captivate courseware, meticulously designed for training companies aiming to deliver exceptional Captivate classes to their clients. Our courses span the breadth of Captivate's capabilities, from the essentials of crafting eLearning courses to advanced features that elevate content creation. Whether it's diving into the latest Adobe Captivate 12 (released in 2023) functionalities, mastering the core skills of Adobe Captivate Classic, or exploring advanced techniques for interactive software simulations and virtual reality eLearning, our offerings ensure comprehensive coverage.

Our Captivate courseware is tailored to equip learners with both foundational knowledge and advanced skills, ensuring they are well-prepared to create compelling eLearning content with Captivate.

Invest in our Captivate courseware and provide your clients with the best tools to harness the power of Captivate for eLearning.

Adobe Captivate: The Essentials (Beginner-Advanced)

Adobe Captivate: The Essentials (Beginner-Advanced) (CAP101)

2 days

Unleash the power of Adobe Captivate 12.2 to create SCORM-compliant and accessible eLearning with this step-by-step, project-based workbook.

This is a 2-day course diving deep into Adobe Captivate (version 12.2 released in 2023) essential skills for crafting exceptional eLearning courses.

Students will embark on a journey to build a detailed soft-skills lesson from the ground up. The course will guide them through the process of recording top-notch software demonstrations, interactive training simulations, and captivating video demos. By the conclusion of this intensive course, participants will have mastered the art of integrating text captions, images, characters, videos, assets, smart shapes, and …

Adobe Captivate Classic Essentials (Beginner)

Adobe Captivate Classic Essentials (Beginner) (CAP19.1)

2 days

A 2-day course covering the core Adobe Captivate (version 11.8.1 or newer) skills needed to create eLearning courses.

Following step-by-step instructions, students will learn how to create a soft-skills lesson from scratch. They will then learn how to record and produce software demonstrations, interactive training simulations, and video demos. By the time they finish working through this fast-paced book, students will know how to add and modify text captions, images, characters, videos, assets, smart shapes, and more.

They will record, import, and edit voiceover audio. They will also further enhance the learner experience by adding interactivity via click boxes, buttons, text …

Adobe Captivate Classic Beyond Essentials (Advanced)

Adobe Captivate Classic Beyond Essentials (Advanced) (CAP19.2)

2 days

A 2-day course covering the advanced features of Adobe Captivate Classic (version 11.8.1 or newer).

This course is hands on from the beginning. In the very first module, the trainer will guide students through the process of creating a highly interactive software simulation. They will learn to control the text in the simulation’s automatic text captions before you record by editing a text capture template.

Students will then learn to:

  • Use Fluid Boxes and Breakpoints to create responsive eLearning that allows content to automatically reflow and fit any size display, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Create Virtual Reality eLearning, …