Arvato Courseware Marketplace Courses

Until July 1, 2023, Microsoft Learning Partners relied on Arvato’s Courseware Marketplace to acquire third-party (i.e., not owned by Microsoft) courseware to deliver courses that Microsoft didn’t provide. For a long time, Arvato also managed Microsoft’s official curriculum (MOC), which made the Courseware Marketplace a one-stop shop for Microsoft Learning Providers.

Our goal for Courseware Store is to replace Arvato’s Courseware Marketplace and become that one stop shop, but with even more courses and services.

The purpose of this page is to provide Microsoft Learning Partners with information on how and where to get all the courses that used to be sold in Courseware Marketplace. If we don’t have the courses ourselves, we will point you to where you can get them or get a similar course from us.

#Course TitleOur Course NumArvato NumStatus
1Introduction to SQL Databases (Waypoint Ventures, LLC)10985WV55356ACAvailable
2Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server (Waypoint Ventures, LLC)20740WV55382ACAvailable
3Networking with Windows Server (Waypoint Ventures, LLC)20741WV55349ACAvailable
4Identity with Windows Server (Waypoint Ventures, LLC)20742WV55351ACAvailable
5Managing Windows Environments with Group Policy (Global Knowledge Training LLC)50255EC50255ECAvailable
6Microsoft Windows PowerShell v2 for Administrators (Torchwood Innovations)5041450414BCAvailable
7System Center 2012 Operations Manager (Torchwood Innovations)5500655006ACNot Available
8System Center 2012 Orchestrator (Torchwood Innovations)5500755007ACAvailable
9System Center 2012 Service Manager (Torchwood Innovations)5500955009ACAvailable
10SharePoint 2013 Site Collection and Site Administration (Torchwood Innovations)5503355033ACAvailable
11Windows PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking (B Version) (Torchwood Innovations)5503955039BCAvailable
12PowerShell for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Administrators (Bogue Technologies, Inc.)55133D55133DAvailable
13Fundamentals of Active Directory (MAX Technical Training, Inc.)5515255152ACAvailable
14Introduction to Microsoft Cloud Computing (MAX Technical Training, Inc.)5519555195ACAvailable
15SharePoint Online Super User (Combined Knowledge)55215BC55215BCAvailable
16SharePoint 2013 Power User (Combined Knowledge)55216AC55216ACReplacement Available
17SharePoint 2016 Super User (Combined Knowledge)55217AC55217ACAvailable
18Nintex Forms and Mobile (Combined Knowledge)55220AC55220ACNot Available
19Nintex Workflow 2010/2013/2016 (Combined Knowledge)55223AC55223ACNot Available
20SharePoint 2016 Site Collection and Site Owner Administration (Torchwood Innovations)5523455234ACAvailable
21SharePoint Online Administrator (Combined Knowledge)55238BC55238BCAvailable
22Microsoft Power Apps Super User (Combined Knowledge)55265AC55265ACAvailable
23Microsoft Power Automate Super User (Combined Knowledge)55268AC55268ACAvailable
24SharePoint Online Branding Super User (Combined Knowledge)55281AC55281ACAvailable
25Microsoft 365 Super User (Combined Knowledge)55283AC55283ACAvailable
26SharePoint 2019 Super User (Combined Knowledge)55286AC55286ACAvailable
27Microsoft Teams Super User (Combined Knowledge)55300AC55300ACAvailable
28Microsoft Lists Super User (Combined Knowledge)55302AC55302ACAvailable
29Microsoft Dataverse for Teams Super User (Combined Knowledge)55304AC55304ACAvailable
30SharePoint Server SE Super User (Combined Knowledge)55311AC55311ACAvailable
31SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) (Ann L Weber)55321AC55321ACAvailable
32Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016 (XtremeLabs)55324AC55324ACAvailable
33Introduction to Programming (Specialist Courseware)55337AC55337ACReplacement Available
34Developing ASP.NET Core Web Applications (Specialist Courseware)55340AC55340ACIn the works
35Supporting and Troubleshooting Windows 11 (Specialist Courseware)55342AC55342ACNot Available
36Implementing and Managing Windows 11 (Specialist Courseware)55345AC55345ACNot Available
37Administering Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (Specialist Courseware)55348AC55348ACNot Available
38Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure (Specialist Courseware)55353AC55353ACNot Available
39Administering Office 365 (Specialist Courseware)55354AC55354ACReplacement Available
40SharePoint 2016 Administrator (Combined Knowledge)55355AC55355ACAvailable
41Querying Microsoft SQL Server with Transact-SQL (Content Master)55366AC55366ACAvailable
42Provisioning Databases on SQL Server (Content Master)55369AC55369ACAvailable
43SharePoint Online Management and Administration (Specialist Courseware)55370AC55370ACNot Available
44Microsoft Azure Advanced Administration (Specialist Courseware)55372AC55372ACNot Available
45Cybersecurity and Ransomware Fundamentals (Content Master)55373AC55373ACAvailable
46Fundamentals of Cybersecurity and Zero Trust (Content Master)55374AC55374ACAvailable
47Fundamentals of Machine Learning (Content Master)55375AC55375ACNot Available
48Microsoft Power BI Super User (Combined Knowledge)55400AC55400ACAvailable
49Introduction to Microsoft Access (Webucator)ACC10155279ACAvailable
50Advanced Microsoft Access (Webucator)ACC20155280ACAvailable
51Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016 (Webucator)EXC2016.155165ACAvailable
52Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016 (Webucator)EXC2016.255166ACAvailable
53Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016 (Webucator)EXC2016.355167ACAvailable
54Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019 (Webucator)EXC2019.155271ACAvailable
55Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2019 (Webucator)EXC2019.255269ACAvailable
56Advanced Microsoft Excel 2019 (Webucator)EXC2019.355270ACAvailable
57Introduction to Microsoft Excel Training (Webucator)EXC365.155271ACAvailable
58Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training (Webucator)EXC365.255269ACAvailable
59Advanced Microsoft Excel Training (Webucator)EXC365.355270ACAvailable
60Programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Webucator)HCJ50155320ACAvailable
61Introduction to Microsoft Outlook (Webucator)OUT10155275ACAvailable
62Advanced Microsoft Outlook (Webucator)OUT20155278ACAvailable
63Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (Webucator)PPT2019.155277ACAvailable
64Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (Webucator)PPT2019.255276ACAvailable
65Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training (Webucator)PPT365.155277ACAvailable
66Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training (Webucator)PPT365.255276ACAvailable
67Introduction to Microsoft Project: Getting Started (Webucator)PRJ2019.155288ACAvailable
68Microsoft Project: Digging Deeper (Webucator)PRJ2019.255289ACAvailable
69Introduction to Python (Webucator)PYT13855284ACAvailable
70Advanced Python (Webucator)PYT23855285ACAvailable
71SharePoint 2016 End User (Webucator)SHP2016.155199ACAvailable
72SharePoint 2016 Power User (Webucator)SHP2016.255200ACAvailable
73Introduction to SharePoint 2016 (Webucator)SHP2016.555252ACNot Available
74SharePoint 2016 Site Owner Training (Webucator)SHP2016.655251ACNot Available
75SharePoint 2019 End User (Webucator)SHP2019.155293ACAvailable
76SharePoint 2019 Power User (Webucator)SHP2019.255286ACAvailable
77Introduction to SharePoint 2019 (Webucator)SHP2019.555298ACAvailable
78SharePoint 2019 Site Owner Training (Webucator)SHP2019.655299ACAvailable
79SharePoint for Office 365 End User Training (Webucator)SHP365.155255ACAvailable
80Introduction to SharePoint for Office 365 Training (Webucator)SHP365.555262ACAvailable
81SharePoint for Office 365 Site Owner (Webucator)SHP365.655261ACAvailable
82Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016 (Webucator)WRD2016.155173ACAvailable
83Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016 (Webucator)WRD2016.255174ACAvailable
84Advanced Microsoft Word 2016 (Webucator)WRD2016.355175ACAvailable
85Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019 (Webucator)WRD2019.155272ACAvailable
86Intermediate Microsoft Word 2019 (Webucator)WRD2019.255273ACAvailable
87Advanced Microsoft Word 2019 (Webucator)WRD2019.355274ACAvailable
88Introduction to Microsoft Word Training (Webucator)WRD365.155272ACAvailable
89Intermediate Microsoft Word Training (Webucator)WRD365.255273ACAvailable
90Advanced Microsoft Word Training (Webucator)WRD365.355274ACAvailable
91Windows Server Administration (Waypoint Ventures, LLC)WS011WV55367ACAvailable
92Administering a SQL Database (Neil Tucker LLC)ZZ-NA155316ACReplacement Available
93Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions (Neil Tucker LLC)ZZ-NA1155247ACNot Available
94HTML5 and CSS (MAX Technical Training, Inc.)ZZ-NA1555319ACReplacement Available
95Identity with Windows Server (Specialist Courseware)ZZ-NA1655344ACReplacement Available
96Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server (Specialist Courseware)ZZ-NA1855341ACReplacement Available
97Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Technology and Training Solutions)ZZ-NA1955250BCNot Available
98Introduction to Programming Using Python (Neil Tucker LLC)ZZ-NA2155264ACReplacement Available
99Introduction to SQL Databases (Neil Tucker LLC)ZZ-NA2255315ACReplacement Available
100Introduction to SQL Databases (Specialist Courseware)ZZ-NA2355352ACReplacement Available
101JavaScript for Developers (MAX Technical Training, Inc.)ZZ-NA2455244BCReplacement Available
102Managing trust relationships with multiple business identity providers (basics) (Olaf Cames)ZZ-NA2555091ACNot Available
103Mastering Microsoft Project 2016 (The Versatile Company)ZZ-NA2655205ACReplacement Available
104Mastering Microsoft Project 2019 (The Versatile Company)ZZ-NA2755301ACReplacement Available
105Microsoft Azure Big Data Analytics Solutions (Neil Tucker LLC)ZZ-NA29552241ACNot Available
106Administering Configuration Manager, Part I: Fundamentals and Asset Management (XPO-NET Corporation)ZZ-NA355313ACNot Available
107Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for Developers (Technology and Training Solutions)ZZ-NA3055259ACNot Available
108Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration (Technology and Training Solutions)ZZ-NA3155242CCNot Available
109Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service (Technology and Training Solutions)ZZ-NA3255260ACNot Available
110Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (Technology and Training Solutions)ZZ-NA3355258ACNot Available
111Microsoft Power Platform for Developers (Technology and Training Solutions)ZZ-NA3455384ACNot Available
112Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 for the Site Owner/Power User (MAX Technical Training, Inc.)ZZ-NA3555197ACNot Available
113Networking with Windows Server (Specialist Courseware)ZZ-NA3655343ACReplacement Available
114Office 365 for the End-User (CW Specialists, LLC)ZZ-NA3755154BCNot Available
115Operationalize Cloud Analytics Solutions with Microsoft Azure (Neil Tucker LLC)ZZ-NA38552242ACNot Available
116PowerShell 5.0 and Desired State Configuration (BlueBuffaloPress)ZZ-NA3955202ACNot Available
117PowerShell for SharePoint Administrators (Neil Tucker LLC)ZZ-NA4055066ACNot Available
118PowerShell for SQL Administration (BlueBuffaloPress)ZZ-NA4155207ACNot Available
119PowerShell for SQL Server Administrators (Neil Tucker LLC)ZZ-NA4255069ACNot Available
120Preparing Your Data for Power BI (BlueBuffaloPress)ZZ-NA4355163ACNot Available
121Programming in C# (Specialist Courseware)ZZ-NA4455339ACReplacement Available
122Querying Microsoft SQL Server (Neil Tucker LLC)ZZ-NA4655317ACNot Available
123Quick Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2014 Reporting Service (BlueBuffaloPress)ZZ-NA4855124ACIn the works
124Quick Powerful Graphics with Power View, PowerPivot, Power Query, Power Map and Power BI (BlueBuffaloPress)ZZ-NA4955164ACNot Available
125SharePoint 2016 Technologies Introduction (Learning Tree International)ZZ-NA5055254ACNot Available
126SQL Always On High Availability with SQL 2016 (BlueBuffaloPress)ZZ-NA5255246ACNot Available
127SQL Server 2014 Performance Tuning and Optimization (BlueBuffaloPress)ZZ-NA5355144BCNot Available
128Windows Azure Data Services (basics) (Olaf Cames)ZZ-NA5555093ACNot Available
129Windows Client, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician (Neil Tucker LLC)ZZ-NA5650331DCNot Available
130Windows Server Administration (Specialist Courseware)ZZ-NA5755371ACReplacement Available
131Writing Analytical Queries for Business Intelligence (John M. Bunch)ZZ-NA5855232ACNot Available
132Writing Reports with Report Builder and SSRS Level 1 (Techmite, Inc.)ZZ-NA5955123ACIn the works
133Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell (Neil Tucker LLC)ZZ-NA655318ACNot Available
134Writing Reports with Report Builder and SSRS Level 2 (Techmite, Inc.)ZZ-NA6055128ACIn the works
135Writing Reports with Report Builder and SSRS Level 3 (Techmite, Inc.)ZZ-NA6155236ACIn the works
136Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS 2014 Level 1 (Techmite, Inc.)ZZ-NA6255204ACIn the works
137Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS Level 3 (Techmite, Inc.)ZZ-NA6355240ACIn the works
138Configuration Manager: Simple and Advanced Package/Program Deployments (XPO-NET Corporation)ZZ-NA755307ACNot Available
139Configuration Manager: Supporting Complex Environments (XPO-NET Corporation)ZZ-NA855309ACNot Available
140Configuring and Administering Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 (Courseware Experts, LLC)ZZ-NA955021ACNot Available