SharePoint 2019 End User

SharePoint 2019 End User Courseware (SHP2019.1)

This SharePoint End User course offers a comprehensive introduction to the essential features and functionalities of SharePoint for end users. Students will learn how to navigate and manage SharePoint sites, work with lists and libraries, create and customize views, and integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Office applications. The course also covers site columns, content types, permissions, and user communities, ensuring that students gain a solid understanding of the platform and its capabilities.

This is the updated version of 55293AC from the retired Microsoft Courseware Marketplace.

Publisher: Webucator


  1. Comprehensive coverage: The courseware covers all essential aspects of SharePoint for end users, providing a thorough understanding of its features and functionalities.
  2. Practical examples: Real-world examples and exercises are used throughout the course to illustrate key concepts and reinforce learning.
  3. Hands-on learning: Students engage in hands-on exercises that help them apply their newfound knowledge and skills in a practical context.
  4. Engaging content: The courseware is designed to be engaging and easy to follow, ensuring that students remain interested and motivated throughout the learning process.
  5. Experienced authors: The courseware is created by industry experts who have extensive experience in SharePoint and a deep understanding of its features and best practices.


  1. SharePoint Introduction
    1. SharePoint Versions
    2. Team Site Layout and Navigation
    3. Team Site Navigation (Exercise)
  2. SharePoint List Basics
    1. Creating Apps Using List Templates
    2. Creating Lists
    3. List Columns
    4. Column Validation
    5. Working with Team Site Lists (Exercise)
    6. Create Custom Lists and Columns (Exercise)
  3. Library Basics
    1. Library Templates
    2. Creating Libraries
    3. Managing Documents and Versioning
    4. Working with Team Site Libraries (Exercise)
    5. Creating Libraries (Exercise)
    6. Document Versioning (Exercise)
  4. Working with Lists and Library Views
    1. Default Views
    2. Custom Views
    3. Working with Views (Exercise)
    4. Creating a Public View (Exercise)
  5. Working with Sites
    1. Site Templates
    2. Creating Sites
    3. Site Navigation
    4. Creating Team Sites (Exercise)
  6. Page Content
    1. Site Pages
    2. Wiki Library Pages
    3. Working with Wiki Pages (Exercise)
  7. Site Columns and Content Types
    1. Site Column Gallery
    2. Creating Site Columns
    3. Site Content Type Gallery
    4. Creating Content Types
    5. Creating and Working with Content Types (Exercise)
    6. Adding a Content Type to a Library (Exercise)
  8. Office Integration
    1. Excel Integration
    2. Outlook Integration
    3. Excel Integration (Exercise)
    4. Outlook Integration (Exercise)
  9. Managing SharePoint Site Permissions
    1. SharePoint Groups
    2. Assigning Permissions
    3. Permissions Inheritance
    4. Working with SharePoint Permissions (Exercise)
  10. Participating in User Communities
    1. Configure User Profiles and My Sites
    2. Newsfeeds
    3. Managing and Viewing Personal Information and Content

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Length: 3 days | $105.00 per copy
Labs providers: Skillable

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