Trainers Get Free Access to Courseware!

Trainers associated with a training company can get free copies of any courseware that the training company has purchased within the last year or for which they still have unused redemption keys. Trainers can also get free evaluation copies of most of the courseware sold in Courseware Store.

In addition, trainers automatically get access to additional files, such as PowerPoint presentations, when such files are available.

Are you a trainer who needs access to courseware?

Thanks for your interest in teaching from courseware sold in Courseware Store. To protect our publishers, we only grant evaluation copies to verified trainers who are associated with one or more training companies who purchase courseware through Courseware Store.

Steps to get associated with a training company:

  1. Check with a training company you work with to see if they already have an account in Courseware Store. If they don’t, direct them to register for an account.
  2. Once a training company has a Courseware Store account, they can go to their Our Trainers page in their Customer Center and invite you as a trainer for their company.
  3. When they invite you, you will get an email, and you will be able to accept their invitation.
  4. Once you are associated with a training company, you can request evaluation copies of courses by going to the courseware you’re interested in and clicking the Request Trainer Evaluation Copy button. You can also get free access to any courseware that training company has purchased. You will find a list of that courseware at the bottom of your My Courseware page.

Note that trainers can be associated with multiple companies, so you don't have to worry about which company adds you first. Others can add you later.

Are you a training company who needs to provide courseware access to a trainer?

If you don’t yet have an account, you will need to register for one.

To add a trainer to your organization, go to your Customer Center and click the Our Trainers tab. Fill out the Add Trainer form. The trainer will get an email invitation to associate with your company.

If you would like a trainer to evaluate a course before you purchase it, send them the link to the page on our site and ask them to request an evaluation. If you purchase the courseware later, the trainer’s evaluation copy will automatically be converted into a full copy.