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CenarioVR: The Essentials

CenarioVR: The Essentials (CENVR101)

1 day

CenarioVR is an eLearning development tool that makes creating interactive virtual reality (VR) training easy.

During the activities and challenge exercises in this hands-on, step-by-step course, you will learn how to use CenarioVR to create VR courses.

Your completed projects will include 360-degree images, text, interactive hotspots, motion paths, timed events, actions, drag-and-drop interactivity, quizzes, and more!

You'll first learn about the CenarioVR interface by importing and exploring a finished project. After exploring a bit, you'll create a project from scratch. Next, you will add scenes both manually and via AI. Then you'll add images, hotspots, and audio to a scenario. …