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In Courseware Store, you'll find a curated selection of Business Management courseware, tailored for training companies to offer unparalleled classes. Our courses delve into essential workplace topics: managing difficult personalities, honing problem-solving skills, setting and achieving goals, delivering exceptional customer service, leading with confidence, and fostering effective team collaboration. Notably, we also offer specialized training for those keen on mastering the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Our courseware is designed to equip learners with practical skills and insights, whether they're navigating daily business challenges or aiming for leadership excellence.

Choose our Business Management courseware to provide your clients with the tools they need for success in the modern business landscape.

Working with Difficult People

Working with Difficult People (MDP101)

1 day

This course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and navigate unhealthy workplace dynamics caused by difficult personalities. The course covers the impact of such personalities on the work environment, the legal implications of hostile work environments, and the importance of maintaining a healthy environment. Participants will delve into various personality types, their associated destructive behaviors, and the motivations behind these behaviors. Effective communication strategies, setting boundaries, and conflict resolution techniques will be discussed and practiced, including negotiation and mediation. By understanding and addressing these issues, participants can contribute to a healthier, more productive, and …

Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills (BUS101)

1 day

This Problem Solving Skills course first examines the five steps in the problem-solving process and delves into what the learner should know to solve any problem that he or she may encounter. Students will examine the various methods for defining the problem and will learn how to generate a solution, as well as come up with alternative solutions. They will look at how to implement their chosen solution, and then how to analyze that solution to determine if it is indeed the right one, as well as gather any lessons learned to apply to future problems.

Students will also learn …

Goal Setting and Workplace Efficiency

Goal Setting and Workplace Efficiency (TIM101)

1 day

This course teaches students valuable skills and strategies to manage their time, optimize their use of productivity tools, and set and achieve SMART goals. By learning to respect their own time and others', students will be able to use time management skills and techniques to improve their productivity and work-life balance. The course also covers Microsoft Outlook as a powerful time management tool, the importance of goal setting, and strategies for creating and implementing SMART goals. Additionally, students will learn to build a support system to help them stay on track, and develop habits for sustaining goal setting and success.

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training (SRV101)

1 day

This Customer Service course provides an overview of the essentials of customer service, focusing on both internal and external customers. Students will learn the basics of customer service, including how to interact with various types of customers, understand their needs, and develop responsible customer service skills. The course covers essential communication techniques, both verbal and nonverbal, and teaches best practices for implementing and maintaining customer service standards. The course also emphasizes the importance of attracting and retaining loyal customers, exploring how exceptional service can create memorable experiences and promote long-term customer loyalty.

Managerial Leadership Training

Managerial Leadership Training (LDR101)

1 day

This Managerial Leadership Training course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective leaders in the workplace. It covers various aspects of managerial leadership, including employee motivation, strategic decision-making, management strategies, negotiation techniques, supportive leadership, business performance measurement, and promoting a positive environment that embraces change. Through practical exercises and real-world examples, students will learn effective leadership techniques and strategies that they can apply in their professional lives.

Working Effectively in Teams

Working Effectively in Teams (TEM101)

1 day

This course offers a comprehensive guide to understanding the benefits, challenges, and best practices for successful team collaboration. Students will explore the advantages of working in teams, such as pooling resources and capitalizing on diversity, while learning to overcome common challenges like communication barriers and logistical issues. The course provides insights into team formation, accountability, and building communication channels to enhance team performance. Students will also learn about decision-making techniques and negotiation strategies, as well as tools for achieving team consensus and avoiding groupthink.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NCSF) Practitioner Training

NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NCSF) Practitioner Training (NCSF-PRACTITIONER)

2 days

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NCSF) Practitioner Training course is suited for individuals working with and overseeing the technology, including CIOs, CISOs, IT Directors and Managers, IT Security personnel, and IT staff.

  • Two-day deep dive into NIST CSF Foundation concepts.
  • Focus on designing and implementing (or improving) a cybersecurity program to minimize risks and protect critical assets based on the NIST CSF.
  • Provides an analysis of various technical and business controls, including the Center for Internet Security v8 Critical Security Controls, the ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System Requirements, and the NIST Risk Management Framework.
  • Includes NIST Framework certification exam and …
Instructional Design

Instructional Design (ID101)

2 days

This Instructional Design course covers the fundamental concepts, methods, and strategies used by instructional designers to create effective learning experiences. The course delves into the foundations and models of instructional design, the role of instructional designers, and how to collaborate with clients and subject-matter experts. Learners will explore goal analysis, needs assessment, task analysis, and the process of developing objectives and goals. Additionally, the course addresses learning design concepts, content organization, instructional strategies, delivery formats, visual design, and the use of multimedia. Participants will also learn about developing, implementing, and evaluating the learning experience, as well as assessing its effectiveness …