Django Courseware

Django, a powerful and versatile Python web framework, is at the forefront of modern web development. Adding Django courses to your portfolio can open new doors and align your offerings with current industry trends.

Why Offer Django Courses? The relevance of Django in today's tech landscape cannot be overstated. It's widely used and continues to grow in popularity. By offering Django courses, you not only meet the growing demand for skilled Django developers but also empower your clients with essential skills for building robust web applications. These courses can attract a new audience, leading to increased enrollment and revenue. Moreover, Django courses can be the perfect conclusion to a full stack or web development bootcamp, providing a comprehensive understanding of web development with Python.

Introduction to Django Training

Introduction to Django Training (DJG101)

4 days

This course is designed to provide a deep introduction to of Django, a powerful Python web framework. The course begins by familiarizing students with the basics of setting up a Django project, working with templates, and creating applications. Students will then learn how to work with models, forms, and views, as well as explore more advanced topics like user registration, email handling, and custom template tags and filters. By the end of the course, students will have a solid foundation in Django, enabling them to build dynamic web applications.

Advanced Django Training

Advanced Django Training (DJG201)

3 days

This Advanced Django course builds upon the foundation established in the Introduction to Django course, delving deeper into the powerful web framework. Students will learn advanced concepts such as handling messages, working with media files, making complex queries, implementing pagination and ordering, advanced querying and search, deploying websites to production, and customizing Django Admin. The course also includes hands-on exercises and real-world examples, allowing students to apply their knowledge and refine their skills in Django development.