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Tomcat Administration for Linux

Tomcat Administration for Linux (TOM201)

3 days

This Tomcat Administration for Linux course provides a comprehensive overview of the essential aspects of administering Tomcat on Linux systems. The course covers the history of Tomcat, its components, and the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) technologies it supports. Students will learn how to install and configure Tomcat, manage web applications, and understand the directory structure. The course also delves into advanced topics such as JNDI data sources, JDBC, security, logging, monitoring, performance tuning, and clustering. Throughout the course, students will engage with practical examples and hands-on exercises to reinforce their learning.

Tomcat Administration for Windows

Tomcat Administration for Windows (TOM101)

3 days

This Tomcat Administration for Windows course provides a comprehensive understanding of Tomcat's key components and features. Students will learn about Tomcat's history, components, and JEE overview. The course covers essential topics such as installing Tomcat, understanding the directory structure, and configuring the server. Additionally, students will gain practical knowledge on deploying web applications, using the Tomcat Manager, working with JNDI Data Sources and JDBC, implementing security measures, and logging. The course also delves into monitoring, performance tuning, and clustering techniques to ensure optimal Tomcat performance.