SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Courseware (55321AC)

The SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) course provides a comprehensive overview of SSIS, a powerful data integration and workflow application platform for SQL Server. Students will learn to use the Import/Export Wizard, work with solutions and projects, understand basic control flow, and explore common tasks. The course delves into data flow sources, destinations, transformations, dynamic package creation, containers, troubleshooting, and package reliability. Additionally, students will learn how to deploy to the SSIS Catalog, install and administer SSIS, and secure the SSIS Catalog. Throughout the course, hands-on labs help students gain practical experience and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

This course is similar to the retired Course 20767-C: Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse but focuses more on building packages, rather than the entire data warehouse design and implementation.

The primary audience for this course is database professionals who need to fulfill a Business Intelligence Developer role. They will need to focus on hands-on work creating BI solutions including Data Warehouse implementation, ETL, and data cleansing.

This is the updated version of 55321AC from the retired Microsoft Courseware Marketplace.

Publisher: Ann L Weber


  1. Comprehensive coverage: The course covers all aspects of SQL Server Integration Services, ensuring students gain a strong foundation in SSIS and data integration.
  2. Practical examples: The course uses real-world examples and scenarios to help students understand how to apply SSIS concepts in practice.
  3. Hands-on learning: Students will engage in hands-on labs to reinforce their learning and gain practical experience in working with SSIS.
  4. Engaging content: The course is designed to be engaging and easy to follow, ensuring that students remain interested and focused throughout their learning experience.
  5. Experienced authors: This courseware is authored by an experienced SQL Server trainer and developer, ensuring that the content is both accurate and up-to-date.


  1. SSIS Overview
    1. Import/Export Wizard
    2. Exporting Data with the Wizard
    3. Common Import Concerns
    4. Quality Checking Imported/Exported Data
    5. Lab
  2. Working with Solutions and Projects
    1. Working with SQL Server Data Tools
    2. Understanding Solutions and Projects
    3. Working with the Visual Studio Interface
    4. Lab
  3. Basic Control Flow
    1. Working with Tasks
    2. Understanding Precedence Constraints
    3. Annotating Packages
    4. Grouping Tasks
    5. Package and Task Properties
    6. Connection Managers
    7. Favorite Tasks
    8. Lab
  4. Common Tasks
    1. Analysis Services Processing
    2. Data Profiling Task
    3. Execute Package Task
    4. Execute Process Task
    5. Expression Task
    6. File System Task
    7. FTP Task
    8. Hadoop Task
    9. Script Task Introduction
    10. Send Mail Task
    11. Web Service Task
    12. XML Task
    13. Lab
  5. Data Flow Sources and Destinations
    1. The Data Flow Task
    2. The Data Flow SSIS Toolbox
    3. Working with Data Sources
    4. SSIS Data Sources
    5. Working with Data Destinations
    6. SSIS Data Destinations
    7. Lab
  6. Data Flow Transformations
    1. Transformations
    2. Configuring Transformations
    3. Lab
  7. Making Packages Dynamic
    1. Features for Making Packages Dynamic
    2. Package Parameters
    3. Project Parameters
    4. Variables
    5. SQL Parameters
    6. Expressions in Tasks
    7. Expressions in Connection Managers
    8. After Deployment
    9. How It All Fits Together
    10. Lab
  8. Containers
    1. Sequence Containers
    2. For Loop Containers
    3. Foreach Loop Containers
    4. Lab
  9. Troubleshooting and Package Reliability
    1. Understanding MaximumErrorCount
    2. Breakpoints
    3. Redirecting Error Rows
    4. Logging
    5. Event Handlers
    6. Using Checkpoints
    7. Transactions
    8. Lab
  10. Deploying to the SSIS Catalog
    1. The SSIS Catalog
    2. Deploying Projects
    3. Working with Environments
    4. Executing Packages in SSMS
    5. Executing Packages from the Command Line
    6. Deployment Model Differences
    7. Lab
  11. Installing and Administering SSIS
    1. Installing SSIS
    2. Upgrading SSIS
    3. Managing the SSIS Catalog
    4. Viewing Built-in SSIS Reports
    5. Managing SSIS Logging and Operation Histories
    6. Automating Package Execution
    7. Lab
  12. Securing the SSIS Catalog
    1. Principals
    2. Securables
    3. Grantable Permissions
    4. Granting Permissions
    5. Configuring Proxy Accounts
    6. Lab

Note, this courseware does not come with PowerPoint slides by design. Trainers sometimes present from the material itself, but most of the time is spent presenting the tools and code taught in the course. The class is designed to use the Try It exercises to teach the concepts presented in each chapter.

Required Prerequisites

  • Working knowledge of T-SQL and SQL Server Agent jobs is helpful, but not required.
  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality.
  • Working knowledge of relational databases.
  • Some experience with database design.

Length: 5 days | $180.00 per copy
Labs providers: XtremeLabs, Skillable

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What is Included?
  • Student Manual

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