Windows Client, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician Courseware (50331DC)

This five-day course covers the identification and resolution of various software and hardware issues. The first module explains the process of resolving problems that might occur during the installation of new software. The topics covered include planning for software deployment, usage of group policy for software installation, digitally signing software, and resolving software installation issues.

The second module covers how to fix application installation and configuration issues, including changing default settings, enabling and disabling features, configuring updates, and resolving configuration issues with group policy. In the third module, solutions for application problems during their use and configuration are presented. The focus is on event forwarding, system restore, application compatibility toolkit, and resolving software failure.

The fourth module delves into the resolution of logon problems and the configuration of local and roaming profiles. The fifth module educates on how to troubleshoot network and connectivity problems, with lessons in hardware issues, TCP/IP configuration, network routing, and more.

The course then proceeds to explain how to use network and local computer services to resolve IP and computer naming issues. This includes lessons on DNS name resolution, WINS configuration, manual vs DHCP configuration, and others.

An optional module is also offered to provide understanding on how to implement printer configuration and security settings. Another important aspect of the course is the module that explains how to improve system performance by monitoring and controlling the use of computer resources.

The course also includes a module on diagnosing hardware problems on a computer, as well as one on configuring reliable and secure wireless connectivity for client computers. Moreover, there is a module that details how to configure remote network connections for client computers.

The final modules deal with managing file synchronization, configuring the security features in Internet Explorer, configuring Windows Firewall, restoring a computer system after a virus or malware attack, and configuring data encryption options available on Windows devices and troubleshooting problems related to it. The course is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the myriad issues that may arise in software and hardware, and the solutions to these issues.

Publisher: Neil Tucker LLC

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