Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Courseware (55250BC)

This one-day course introduces students to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, covering the main features and apps including Sales, Service, and Marketing. It also teaches students how to proficiently work in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to find information quickly and easily using the out-of-the-box tools.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. It starts with an overview of Dynamics 365, its benefits, and the various applications it includes, such as the Sales App, Customer Service App, Marketing App, and PowerApps. The course also covers the differences between the Web and Outlook interfaces, and provides guidance on navigating lists, grids, forms, lookups, and related records.

The course then delves into the basic concepts and features of Dynamics 365, including records and relationships, tracking activities, configuring personal options, and working with the Timeline control. It also covers the Relationship Assistant and Connections features.

The course then moves on to practical skills needed to efficiently perform work in Dynamics 365. This includes working with records, creating personal views, reassigning records to different owners, sharing records, views, and charts with other users, and performing operations on multiple records.

The course also covers how to use Dynamics 365 for Outlook, including tracking activities, using templates, sales literature and articles, creating Dynamics 365 records in Outlook, and searching Dynamics 365 records in Outlook.

The course then provides guidance on how to search for information in Dynamics 365 using Global Find, Quick Find, and Advanced Find.

The course concludes with a focus on analyzing information in Dynamics 365 using reports, charts, and dashboards. It covers the default reports, the reporting wizard, working with charts and dashboards, and how to create custom reports, charts, and dashboards.

The course aimed at new users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement who want to learn the basic features and capabilities of the system.

Publisher: Technology and Training Solutions

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