PowerShell for SharePoint Administrators Courseware (55066AC)

The one-day course provides comprehensive coverage of using PowerShell for managing SharePoint Servers, segmented into three modules.

The first module focuses on installing and configuring SharePoint Servers with PowerShell. It demonstrates the process of setting up SharePoint Server components, starting with server preparation, configuring server features, prerequisite applications, SharePoint software installation, and SharePoint farm configuration.

In the second module, the focus shifts to administering SharePoint Servers with PowerShell. It discusses how to use PowerShell to manage User and Farm resources in SharePoint, including administering users and groups, the SharePoint farm, shared services, features, sites, and databases.

The third module covers maintaining SharePoint Servers with PowerShell. It provides detailed insights into performing various maintenance tasks, such as managing backups/restores, monitoring and auditing, managing notifications, and scheduling tasks.

Each module is equipped with exercises for hands-on learning and practice. After completing each module, students will be proficient in the respective topics covered, such as configuring SharePoint servers, administering user and farm resources, and conducting server maintenance activities using PowerShell.

Publisher: Neil Tucker LLC

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