Implementing and Managing Windows 11 Courseware (55345AC)

This four-day course provides the knowledge and skills required to install and configure Windows 11 desktops and devices in an on-premises Windows Server Active Directory domain environment. It covers installation and customization of Windows 11 operating systems and apps, configuration of local and remote network connectivity and storage, data security, device security, network security, and maintenance, update, and recovery of Windows 11.

This course provides a comprehensive guide to installing, configuring, and managing Windows 11. It begins with an introduction to the new features of Windows 11, the hardware requirements, and the interactive installation process. It also covers various deployment options for larger networks and provides a review of the new user interface.

The course then discusses the various upgrade and migration options available for installers, as well as how to manage Windows 11 updates. It also covers how to migrate user state following an upgrade or migration.

The course provides guidance on configuring network settings, including how to set up and manage a VPN. It also covers how to complete typical post-installation configuration options for Windows 11, using both the Settings app and Control Panel.

The course provides an overview of typical disk configurations for a Windows 11 computer, and provides guidance on how to manage both local storage and how to configure access to remote storage, such as OneDrive. It also covers how to enable and configure Storage Spaces.

The course also covers how to manage resources, including configuring and managing access to shared files, implementing file synchronization using Work Folders, and managing printer access. It also provides an overview of supported file systems and explains use-case scenarios for each.

The course then discusses how to deploy apps to Windows 11 devices, how to troubleshoot apps, and how to configure Microsoft Edge browser settings. It also covers how to manage access to the Microsoft Store.

The course concludes with a focus on implementing and managing security, including managing user and group accounts, configuring User Account Control, implementing BitLocker, and securing against network threats. It also covers how to monitor Windows 11, optimize its performance, and troubleshoot issues related to hardware devices and device drivers. It also covers how to recover Windows 11 computers that won’t start, or start with errors, and how to recover files.

The course spans over four days and is aimed at IT professionals who support Windows 11 desktops, devices, users, and associated network and security resources.

Publisher: Specialist Courseware

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