Preparing Your Data for Power BI Courseware (55163AC)

The course structure involves eight comprehensive modules focusing on SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) and its two approaches for data modeling - multidimensional and tabular.

The first module provides an overview of the course structure, introduces course materials, and lays out additional administrative information. Post completion, students will be able to log into their virtual machine and understand what the course intends to cover.

Module two focuses on the tabular model, compares it with the multidimensional model, outlines the changes in different versions of SQL Server Analysis Services, and highlights key terminologies. Additionally, students will become acquainted with SQL Server Data Tools for Tabular.

The third module dives deeper into the workings of the tabular model. Here, students learn about creating projects, options to import or load data, examining views, and deployment processes.

The fifth module offers insights into loading data from different sources, including SQL, Excel, flat files, Azure, and SharePoint. Students will also understand the need for data credentials and the concept of sorting during data load.

In the sixth module, students explore two different languages - DAX and MDX. They will understand how to use DAX effectively and its powerful capabilities.

Module seven revolves around building data models. Students will learn about importing related tables, creating relationships and hierarchies, using Direct Query, KPIs, drillthrough, and perspectives.

The final module introduces students to the interaction of Excel PowerPivot with the tabular model. Students will learn about working with PowerPivot, pivot tables, and Power View.

Every module in this course includes a practical lab, providing students with an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge. The course ensures that students are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to use SSAS and its two approaches for data modeling effectively.

Publisher: BlueBuffaloPress

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