Windows Azure Data Services (basics) Courseware (55093AC)

This three-day course provides a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Azure's data services and storage solutions. It primarily focuses on the practical handling of massive structured data, along with the utilization of cloud-based solutions for non-Azure applications.

In the first module, the course elaborates on the fundamental procedures for handling large volumes of structured data. It covers key aspects of Microsoft Azure storage and how to secure a storage account. The course also highlights how to apply security principles to this context.

The second module discusses content type coding for metadata-dependent blob storage access. It explains the exposure of REST API for the Blob service and the transitions within a hierarchical namespace. Students learn to perform operations on blobs, retrieve blob data, and programmatic metadata enrichments for blobs.

The third module moves onto programmatic message handling. It explains how to establish initial solutions for working with queues in Microsoft Azure. This includes understanding the scope of queue names and the different usage scenarios for blob versus queue.

The fourth module presents how to expose regular file system APIs as an Azure service, helping students understand the no-code integration for non-Azure apps. It provides insights on the conversion of non-Azure applications for cloud and on-premise storage, along with the dynamic store relocator.

The fifth module delves into data exchange between Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). It focuses on creating a bridge between a PaaS web application and an IaaS host services application located on an IaaS VM. It further extends into creating and configuring a VM, modifying a PaaS application, and establishing communication with an IaaS application.

The sixth and final module presents an assessment, which students can opt for if time permits. It covers multilingual integration of traditional ASP.NET Web Sites into the Enterprise Security Service Bus. The assessment aims to evaluate the skills students have acquired throughout the course. It includes repeating tasks from previous modules in different environments and making necessary adjustments.

Publisher: Olaf Cames

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