SharePoint 2016 Technologies Introduction Courseware (55254AC)

This four-day course offers a comprehensive exploration of SharePoint 2016, a widely utilized collaboration tool.

The initial module introduces SharePoint, its novel features, and general functionality. It commences with an overview of SharePoint 2016 and elaborates on the features introduced in this version. The objective is to equip students with a broad comprehension of the platform and its applications, coupled with hands-on experience navigating a SharePoint site.

Module two progresses further, instructing on the creation and customization of SharePoint websites. Important terminologies such as site collections, top-level sites, and subsites, along with the usage of site templates, are covered. The module also teaches site customization and the execution of common administrative tasks.

The third module investigates managing security in SharePoint. This encompasses site sharing, permission setting, handling access requests, and understanding permission inheritance. The module also highlights best practices for SharePoint security management.

The fourth module concentrates on content management in SharePoint using list apps. Students understand that all content and numerous backend configurations are managed via these apps. This module discusses task lists, calendar apps, alerts, and other app templates like contact lists, picture libraries, and surveys.

Module five changes the emphasis to document management. Here, the course covers document libraries, the process of adding content, metadata, and creating views. Students are taught how to configure settings for version control, check-in/check-out behavior, and content approval.

In the sixth module, the course examines advanced SharePoint features. This involves work with site columns, content types, managed metadata, external lists, and more. The module details SharePoint's search capabilities and the platform's social features.

Module seven instructs on page customization in SharePoint using web part pages and wiki pages. This includes the addition and editing of pages, and the customization of web parts to display information from lists and libraries.

The final module presents workflows. In this part, the course demonstrates how to automate business processes in SharePoint. This includes out-of-the-box workflows, SharePoint Designer workflows, and an introduction to Microsoft PowerApps and Flow. The objective of this module is to teach how to streamline operations by eliminating ad-hoc processes through workflow automation.

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Publisher: Learning Tree International

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