Writing Reports with Report Builder and SSRS Level 1 Courseware (55123AC)

This two-day course introduces students to the Report Builder application and its capabilities. The content covers various aspects such as the Ribbon, its Tabs, Command groups, and Commands, as well as Window panes that are vital for creating and manipulating reports. The course also guides students in exploring the report design surface using Design and Run modes.

Module 1 presents an overview of the Report Builder Environment. It helps students understand how to work with existing reports and navigate between Design and Run modes.

In Module 2, students learn to add data to table reports. The course focuses on populating a report with data, defining the data source, building queries through data sets to bring data into the report, and dealing with elements of the tablix data region. The tablix data region includes rows, columns, cells, handles, and field choosers, which are used to display data.

Module 3 elaborates on formatting data and creating expressions in reports. Students get to know about report formatting techniques that control how and where data displays in the report. The course also covers how to add additional data from a source or by adding a calculated field to the dataset. Both simple and complex expressions are discussed in this module.

In Module 4, students learn to group report data. This module emphasizes the grouping of data in reports using dataset fields and expressions. It also covers group hierarchies and adding aggregates to summarize grouped data.

Module 5 introduces students to Matrix reports. It discusses matrix data regions used in reports to control crosstabular data, contrasts between row and column groupings, and aggregated values.

Module 6 presents the ability to create and add charts to reports. Students learn to visualize data with or without the details using chart reports or charts as report components.

Finally, Module 7 explains the process of printing and exporting reports. The course helps students understand the differences between electronic reporting vs. print reporting, and how to prepare a report for paper printing. It also guides students through exporting reports in supported formats.

Publisher: Techmite, Inc.

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