Office 365 for the End-User Courseware (55154BC)

This Office 365 course is an intensive, one-day experience designed for information workers of various backgrounds. Its primary aim is to give students a comprehensive understanding of Office 365 and how it can be efficiently used in day-to-day operations. The course employs real-world scenarios to ensure the learning is practical and relevant.

The training starts with an overview of Office 365, where students become acquainted with what Office 365 is and the different components that make it up. The focus here is on how Office 365 can enhance work productivity by providing the flexibility to work when and where necessary.

Next, the course dives into using Outlook Online. Here, students learn how to manage their emails, create contacts, manage attachments, and create calendar views. The goal is to enable them to effectively manage their communication and scheduling using Outlook.

Skype for Business is covered next, providing students with knowledge on instant messaging, web conferencing, and audio and video conferencing. The aim here is to ensure students can leverage Skype for Business for efficient and effective communication within their organizations.

The course then transitions to SharePoint Online. Students learn how to locate and share documents, customize their SharePoint site, and configure list-based information management. The objective here is to empower them to better collaborate and manage content within their organizations using SharePoint.

Finally, the course wraps up with a section on using OneDrive for Business and OneNote Online. Here, students learn how to create, modify, save, and share documents using OneDrive for Business. They also discover how to work with OneNote sections and pages and how to add new content to a new OneNote page.

At the end of the course, students should have a solid grasp of Office 365's features and capabilities and how to use them to improve their productivity.

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Publisher: CW Specialists, LLC

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