JavaScript for Developers Courseware (55244BC)

The course starts with Basic Scripting, where the essentials of JavaScript are covered. This includes how to write and call functions, find and alter HTML elements, and test strings and values. Next, the focus shifts to the Document Object Model (DOM), teaching students how to access and interact with objects from the DOM, respond to events, and add elements to the DOM.

In the third module, jQuery is introduced. While jQuery was once a popular library for simplifying tasks like searching for and modifying elements in the DOM, its popularity has declined in recent years due to the rise of modern JavaScript frameworks. However, understanding jQuery can still be beneficial for working with legacy codebases.

The course then explores Ajax and Web Services, providing knowledge about web services, HTTP verbs, and data formats like XML and JSON. It also teaches how to use Ajax to interact with these services.

The final module delves deeper into JavaScript, covering more advanced topics such as data types, variables, scopes, hoisting, functions, the "this" keyword, error handling, and recursion. This module aims to provide a more thorough understanding of JavaScript.

The combination of Webucator's 4-day Introduction to JavaScript course followed by the 1-day Advanced JavaScript Concepts course makes for a good, more modern replacement for this 5-day JavaScript course, and serves as a great prerequisite for anybody who plans to learn a JavaScript framework such as Angular, React, or Vue.js.

Publisher: MAX Technical Training, Inc.

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