Introduction to JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript Courseware (JSC101)

The Introduction to JavaScript course provides an in-depth look at the essential concepts of JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages for web development. Covering a wide range of topics, from JavaScript basics, variables, arrays, and operators, to functions, built-in objects, conditionals, loops, and event handling, this course aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge to create interactive and dynamic web applications. Additionally, the course delves into the HTML Document Object Model, the CSS Object Model, and error handling, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of JavaScript and its role in web development.

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  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The course offers a thorough examination of JavaScript concepts, enabling students to develop a strong foundation in the language and its applications.
  2. Practical Examples: Real-world examples and exercises are provided throughout the course, allowing students to apply their newly acquired skills in various contexts and gain a deeper understanding of JavaScript.
  3. Hands-on Learning: Through a series of exercises, students are encouraged to practice and refine their JavaScript skills, promoting better retention of the material.
  4. Engaging Content: The course is designed to be interactive and engaging, keeping students interested and motivated to learn.
  5. Experienced Authors: Created by industry experts with extensive experience in JavaScript, the course content is relevant, up-to-date, and tailored to meet the needs of modern web development.

PowerPoint Presentation

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Skillable Lab


  1. JavaScript Basics
    1. JavaScript vs. EcmaScript
    2. The HTML DOM
    3. JavaScript Syntax
    4. Accessing Elements
    5. Where Is JavaScript Code Written?
    6. JavaScript Objects, Methods, and Properties
    7. Alerts, Writing, and Changing Background Color (Exercise)
  2. Variables, Arrays, and Operators
    1. JavaScript Variables
    2. A Loosely Typed Language
    3. Google Chrome DevTools
    4. Storing User-Entered Data
    5. Using Variables (Exercise)
    6. Constants
    7. Arrays
    8. Working with Arrays (Exercise)
    9. Associative Arrays
    10. Playing with Array Methods
    11. JavaScript Operators
    12. The Modulus Operator
    13. Playing with Operators
    14. The Default Operator
    15. Working with Operators (Exercise)
  3. JavaScript Functions
    1. Global Objects and Functions
    2. Working with Global Functions (Exercise)
    3. User-defined Functions
    4. Writing a JavaScript Function (Exercise)
    5. Returning Values from Functions
  4. Built-In JavaScript Objects
    1. Strings
    2. Math
    3. Date
    4. Helper Functions
    5. Returning the Day of the Week as a String (Exercise)
  5. Conditionals and Loops
    1. Conditionals
    2. Short-circuiting
    3. Switch / Case
    4. Ternary Operator
    5. Truthy and Falsy
    6. Conditional Processing (Exercise)
    7. Loops
    8. while and do…while Loops
    9. for Loops
    10. break and continue
    11. Working with Loops (Exercise)
    12. Array: forEach()
  6. Event Handlers and Listeners
    1. On-event Handlers
    2. Using On-event Handlers (Exercise)
    3. The addEventListener() Method
    4. Anonymous Functions
    5. Capturing Key Events
    6. Adding Event Listeners (Exercise)
    7. Benefits of Event Listeners
    8. Timers
    9. Typing Test (Exercise)
  7. The HTML Document Object Model
    1. CSS Selectors
    2. The innerHTML Property
    3. Nodes, NodeLists, and HTMLCollections
    4. Accessing Element Nodes
    5. Accessing Elements (Exercise)
    6. Dot Notation and Square Bracket Notation
    7. Accessing Elements Hierarchically
    8. Working with Hierarchical Elements (Exercise)
    9. Accessing Attributes
    10. Creating New Nodes
    11. Focusing on a Field
    12. Shopping List Application
    13. Logging (Exercise)
    14. Adding EventListeners (Exercise)
    15. Adding Items to the List (Exercise)
    16. Dynamically Adding Remove Buttons to the List Items (Exercise)
    17. Removing List Items (Exercise)
    18. Preventing Duplicates and Zero-length Product Names (Exercise)
    19. Manipulating Tables
  8. CSS Object Model
    1. Changing CSS with JavaScript
    2. Hiding and Showing Elements
    3. Checking and Changing Other Style Properties
    4. Increasing and Decreasing Measurements
    5. Custom data Attributes
    6. Gotcha with fontWeight
    7. Font Awesome
    8. classList Property
    9. Showing and Hiding Elements (Exercise)
  9. Errors and Exceptions
    1. Runtime Errors
    2. Globally Handled Errors
    3. Structured Error Handling
    4. Try/Catch (Exercise)

Required Prerequisites

  • HTML

Useful Prerequisites

  • CSS
  • Programming experience

Length: 4 days | $140.00 per copy
Labs: Add-on available | $50.97 per lab
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  • PowerPoint Presentation
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