Advanced Microsoft Outlook

Advanced Microsoft Outlook Courseware (OUT201)

The Advanced Outlook course is tailored for individuals who are familiar with Microsoft Outlook and want to enhance their skills in managing tasks, notes, inbox, and multiple email accounts. The course delves into advanced features such as using signatures and themes, inbox management, and working with multiple email accounts. Students will participate in hands-on exercises that enable them to become proficient in these advanced Outlook functionalities, leading to increased productivity and improved email management in their professional lives.

Outlook Version: This course primarily targets Outlook 2019; however, it can be used to teach Outlook 365 as well as earlier versions of Outlook. We draw attention to features that are not supported in earlier versions of Outlook, and point out alternative options, when available.

This is the updated version of 55278AC from the retired Microsoft Courseware Marketplace.

Publisher: Webucator


  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The courseware provides an in-depth exploration of advanced Outlook features, equipping students with the knowledge needed to optimize their use of the software.
  2. Practical Examples: Real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises guide students in mastering the advanced features of Outlook, ensuring they can apply the skills they learn to their everyday tasks.
  3. Hands-on Learning: The course emphasizes practical experience, with step-by-step exercises designed to solidify key concepts and help students become proficient in using advanced Outlook features.
  4. Engaging Content: The courseware is designed to maintain student engagement, with clear explanations, visually appealing materials, and a logical flow of topics.
  5. Experienced Authors: The course material is developed by experienced authors with deep expertise in Microsoft Outlook, ensuring that students receive accurate and valuable information.


  1. Working with Tasks and Notes
    1. Create a Task
    2. Print a Task
    3. Update a Task
    4. Search for Tasks
    5. Assign a Task
    6. Reply to a Task Request
    7. Track Tasks
    8. Change Your Task View
    9. Working with Tasks (Exercise)
    10. Work with Notes
  2. Using Signature and Themes
    1. Create a Signature
    2. Automatically Add a Signature to Messages
    3. Modify a Signature
    4. Format Outgoing Messages
    5. Create and Apply a Theme
    6. Adding a Theme and Signature to Your Messages (Exercise)
  3. Managing Your Inbox
    1. Search for Messages
    2. Create Search Folders
    3. Sort Messages
    4. Add New Local Folders
    5. Move Messages between Folders
    6. Group Your Mailbox Items
    7. Filter Messages
    8. Organize Messages
    9. Create and Manage Rules
    10. Organizing Your Messages (Exercise)
    11. Manage Your Junk Email
    12. Archive Your Messages
    13. Create an Outlook Data File
    14. Create a Quick Step
    15. Add Protection to Your Outgoing Messages
    16. Create Auto-Replies
    17. Managing Your Mail By Creating a Quick Step (Exercise)
  4. Working with Multiple Email Accounts
    1. Setting Up Multiple Accounts in Outlook
    2. Send Emails from Different Accounts
    3. POP vs. IMAP Email Programs
    4. Working with Multiple Email Accounts (Exercise)

Required Prerequisites

  • Familiarity with Windows.
  • Introductory level knowledge of Outlook.

Length: 1 day | $20.00 per copy

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What is Included?
  • Student Manual
  • Student Class Files