Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS Level 3 Courseware (55240AC)

This one-day course begins with an exploration of enhanced visualization techniques for reports. Students learn how to create these visualizations using shapes, rectangles, images, and data regions. The course emphasizes the importance of shapes in reporting and how the rectangle tool can be utilized for improved visualizations. It also explores the control of report item properties for effective display in a report. The module then extends to transforming data regions by displaying tiles instead of text boxes, which contributes to more dynamic and visually engaging reports.

The course then segues into the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language. Aimed at making the programming language accessible and meaningful to non-programmers, this module introduces Visual Basic programming and ensures students understand what the code is doing. It covers the key features of Visual Basic, its language elements, statements, and their purposes. The course also teaches students to use decision structures to apply workflow logic and how to convert business logic into Visual Basic code.

The final module explores the use of Visual Basic in SSRS Reporting. It underscores the three ways the Visual Basic language can be leveraged in the Report Designer application. Regardless of whether the Visual Basic programming language was incorporated by design or inherited through existing reports, students learn how its features can be applied to achieve reporting goals. Since Visual Basic is the required language for Report Designer, this module is crucial for future report writing. It explores creating Visual Basic variables, constants, expressions, procedures, and how to link and consume an external assembly with custom code in a report. Students also learn to troubleshoot Visual Basic errors in a report.

Publisher: Techmite, Inc.

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