Quick Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2014 Reporting Service Courseware (55124AC)

This two-day course delves into the features and functionalities of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), focusing on report design, information delivery, and report management.

The course begins with an overview of the class structure, introducing course materials, prerequisites, and an outline of what the course aims to cover. This section culminates in a practical exercise where students log into their virtual machine, familiarize themselves with the course layout, and set expectations for what they intend to learn.

The next section deepens the understanding of SSRS by exploring its version changes from 2008 to 2012, its installation and architectural framework, and the tools integral to its operation. By the end of this section, students will have a solid grasp on the evolution of SSRS, its underlying structure, and the tools necessary for working within the SSRS environment.

The course then moves on to the construction of basic reports, where students are guided through the process of creating data sources, datasets, and connections. Security considerations in these connections are also addressed. This section provides hands-on experience with report components such as tables, matrices, lists, and report items and parts, offering a comprehensive understanding of the various elements that contribute to a well-structured report.

Visualization is an integral part of report design, and this course covers it in detail. Students will learn about the different types of visualizations available, including charts, gauges, dashboards, maps, sparklines, data bars, and indicators. The goal is to enable students to create visually appealing and informative reports that effectively convey the message contained in the data.

The course also delves into the creation of advanced reports featuring conditional formatting, interactivity, and subreports. Students will learn to use expressions, functions, and parameters, and understand how to utilize templates for efficient report creation.

The final part of the course tackles the management and maintenance aspects of SSRS. Here, students will learn about deploying reports, securing content, utilizing caching, snapshots, and report history, and understanding the process of viewing reports online. They'll also gain insight into subscriptions and data alerts, which are essential tools for timely information delivery.

Publisher: BlueBuffaloPress

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