PowerShell 5.0 and Desired State Configuration Courseware (55202AC)

This two-day course covers a wide range of topics related to PowerShell and Desired State Configuration (DSC). It is divided into seven modules, each focusing on distinct aspects of PowerShell and DSC.

The first module offers an overview of the course, outlining the materials, facilities, prerequisites, and course content. By the end of this module, students will have a solid understanding of the course's objectives and what it intends to cover.

The second module introduces PowerShell 5.0 Desired State Configuration (DSC), a critical aspect of this course. It helps students understand the basics of DSC, including its metaphor and its requirements. This module also highlights the features added in the recent two versions of PowerShell.

Module three focuses on DSC architecture. It covers several topics, including management models, MOF file creation workflow, and configuration data methodologies. Students will also get to understand the functions and cmdlets available for DSC with WMF 5.0, as well as gain a basic understanding of a DSC Pull Server.

In module four, the focus shifts to DSC Configuration Files. Here, students will learn how to prepare the environment and define a DSC configuration script. They will also learn how to utilize resources and understand the Configuration keyword.

Module five delves into DSC Resources. This module will introduce students to various resources, including File, Archive, Environment, Group, Log, Package, Registry, Script, Service, User, and WindowsFeature Resources, and how to use them. The concept of PsDscRunAsCredential is also introduced.

Module six covers DSC Pull and Push Servers. It discusses parameters and examines both push and pull models. It also covers topics like the Local Configuration Manager (LCM), configurations and resources distribution by the Pull Server, configuration drift, and debugging DSC in Version 5.

Lastly, the course includes an appendix that provides a basic tutorial or refresher on PowerShell 5.0. This appendix, part of the 752552 course, helps students understand and utilize PowerShell, the pipeline, loops, scripting, and functions. Although this module doesn't include labs, it serves as an essential foundation for comprehending and using PowerShell effectively.

Publisher: BlueBuffaloPress

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