Introduction to SharePoint 2016

Introduction to SharePoint 2016 Courseware (SHP2016.5)

The Introduction to SharePoint 2016 course covers a wide range of topics from the basics of SharePoint versions and team site layout to more advanced topics like library management and Office integration. You will learn how to create and manage lists using list templates, validate list columns, create libraries, manage documents and versions, and work with default and custom views. Office integration and site management are also included, teaching you how to integrate SharePoint with Excel, Outlook, and Access, as well as how to create and navigate various sites using site templates.

This is the updated version of 55252AC from the retired Microsoft Courseware Marketplace.

Publisher: Webucator


  • Develop a strong understanding of SharePoint 2016, its versions, and its features.
  • Learn how to create, manage, and validate SharePoint lists using list templates, enhancing your data management skills.
  • Master library creation and management, including document and version management, for robust document control.
  • Understand and work with default and custom views in lists and libraries, providing more efficient data organization and retrieval.
  • Experience SharePoint's integration capabilities with Excel, Outlook, and Access, further expanding your toolset for data management and collaboration.
  • Get hands-on experience creating and managing various sites in SharePoint, boosting your ability to effectively use SharePoint for various business needs.
  • Apply knowledge through practical exercises, solidifying your understanding and gaining hands-on experience.


  1. SharePoint 2016 Introduction
    1. SharePoint Versions
    2. Team Site Layout and Navigation
    3. Layout
    4. Navigation
    5. Exercise: Team Site Navigation
  2. SharePoint List Basics
    1. Creating Apps Using List Templates
    2. Creating Lists
    3. Creating Lists Using List Templates
    4. List Columns
    5. Creating List Columns
    6. Column Validation
    7. Validating a List Column
    8. Exercise:Working with Team Site Lists
    9. Exercise: Create Custom Lists and Columns
  3. Library Basics
    1. Library Templates
    2. Creating Libraries
    3. Creating a Document Library and Adding Columns
    4. Creating an Asset Library
    5. Managing Documents and Versioning
    6. Checking Out Documents
    7. Deleting and Restoring Documents
    8. Versioning
    9. Exercise:Working with Team Site Libraries
    10. Exercise: Creating Libraries
    11. Exercise: Document Versioning
  4. Working with Lists and Library Views
    1. Default Views
    2. Explore Default Views
    3. Custom Views
    4. How to Create a Custom View
    5. Exercise:Working with Views
    6. Exercise: Creating Public and Personal Views
  5. Office Integration
    1. Excel Integration
    2. Outlook Integration
    3. Access Integration
  6. Working with Sites
    1. Site Templates
    2. Creating Sites
    3. Creating a Team Site
    4. Site Navigation
    5. Managing Site Navigation
    6. Exercise: Creating Team Sites
    7. Exercise: Creating a Meeting Workspace
    8. Exercise: Creating a Blog Site

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What is Included?
  • Student Manual