Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server Courseware (55341AC)

This is a five-day course primarily for IT professionals with some Windows Server experience. It's designed for those who will manage storage and compute using Windows Server and need to understand the applicable scenarios, requirements, and options.

The course and its associated labs, while written for Windows Server 2022, are also compatible with Server 2016 and Server 2019. It teaches administration of Windows Server using traditional tools like PowerShell and Server Manager, as well as Windows Admin Center.

The course is aimed at IT professionals with some Windows Server experience who want a comprehensive five-day course covering storage and compute technologies in Windows Server. It will help update their knowledge and skills related to storage and compute for Windows Server.

The course is suitable for relatively new Windows Server administrators who want to learn more about the storage and compute features in Windows Server, and IT professionals with general IT knowledge who want to learn about Windows Server, particularly storage and compute technologies.

Publisher: Specialist Courseware

This course is not available through Courseware Store.