SharePoint for Office 365 Site Owner

SharePoint for Office 365 Site Owner Courseware (SHP365.6)

This SharePoint for Office 365 Site Owner Training course is designed to equip site owners with the skills necessary to effectively manage SharePoint sites within their organizations. The course covers various aspects of site management, including site creation, navigation, page content, site columns, content types, and permission management. Additionally, students will learn how to integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Office applications like Excel and Outlook. Hands-on exercises are incorporated throughout the course to reinforce key concepts and provide practical experience in working with SharePoint Online as a site owner.

This is the updated version of 55261AC from the retired Microsoft Courseware Marketplace.

Publisher: Webucator


  1. Targeted learning: This course is specifically designed for site owners, focusing on the skills and knowledge they need to manage SharePoint Online effectively.
  2. Comprehensive coverage: The course covers all essential aspects of site management, ensuring site owners are well-equipped to handle various tasks and responsibilities.
  3. Practical application: Hands-on exercises are integrated throughout the course, allowing students to apply their learning in real-world scenarios and gain valuable experience.
  4. Office integration: Students will learn how to integrate SharePoint with popular Office applications, enhancing their ability to collaborate and manage content across platforms.
  5. Experienced authors: The courseware is developed by industry professionals with a deep understanding of SharePoint Online, ensuring the content is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to site owners.


  1. Working with Sites
    1. Site Templates
    2. Creating Sites
    3. Site Navigation
    4. Creating Team Sites (Exercise)
  2. Page Content
    1. Site Pages
    2. Wiki Library Pages
    3. Working with Wiki Pages (Exercise)
  3. Site Columns and Content Types
    1. Site Column Gallery
    2. Creating Site Columns
    3. Site Content Type Gallery
    4. Creating Content Types
    5. Creating and Working with Content Types (Exercise)
    6. Adding a Content Type to a Library (Exercise)
  4. Office Integration
    1. Excel Integration
    2. Outlook Integration
    3. Excel Integration (Exercise)
    4. Outlook Integration (Exercise)
  5. Managing SharePoint Site Permissions
    1. SharePoint Groups
    2. Assigning Permissions
    3. Permissions Inheritance
    4. Working with SharePoint Permissions (Exercise)

Required Prerequisites