Advanced Microsoft Excel Training

Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Courseware (EXC365.3)

The Advanced Excel course is designed for experienced users looking to leverage Excel's powerful features to streamline their work and enhance their data analysis capabilities. The course delves into topics such as PivotTables, advanced functions, auditing workbooks, and data tools. Students will also explore importing and consolidating data, What-If analysis, recording and using macros, and collaborating with others. Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, students will master advanced Excel techniques, equipping them with the skills needed to tackle complex data analysis tasks efficiently.

Excel Version: This course primarily targets Excel 365 and Excel 2021; however, we draw attention to features that are not supported in earlier versions of Excel, and point out alternative options, when available.

This is the updated version of 55270AC from the retired Microsoft Courseware Marketplace.

Publisher: Webucator


  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The courseware provides an in-depth exploration of advanced Excel topics, ensuring students gain expert-level knowledge and skills.
  2. Practical Examples: Students will work through numerous hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, enhancing their understanding of the material and its applications.
  3. Hands-on Learning: The course emphasizes experiential learning, with step-by-step exercises designed to reinforce key concepts and help students become proficient in advanced Excel techniques.
  4. Engaging Content: The courseware is designed to keep students engaged and interested, with clear explanations, visually appealing materials, and a logical flow of topics.
  5. Experienced Authors: The course material is developed by experienced authors with deep expertise in Microsoft Excel, ensuring that students receive accurate and valuable information.

PowerPoint Presentation

This course includes a PowerPoint presentation that maps to the manual and to the labs:

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Skillable Lab


  1. Using PivotTables
    1. How PivotTables Work
    2. Timeline Filters
    3. Inserting Slicers
    4. Grouping Data
    5. Calculated Fields
    6. PivotCharts
    7. Working with PivotTables (Exercise)
  2. Advanced Functions
    1. Function Syntax
    3. Arrays and Array Formulas
    4. Getting Unique Values (Exercise)
    6. Lookup Functions
    7. Using the XLOOKUP Function (Exercise)
    8. The LET Function
    9. The TRANSPOSE Function
  3. Auditing Workbooks
    1. Inspecting a Workbook
    2. Tracing Precedents and Dependents
    3. Tracing Precedents and Dependents Practice (Exercise)
    4. Watch Window
    5. Evaluating Formulas
    6. Error Checking
  4. Data Tools
    1. Importing Data from online source
    2. Converting Text to Columns
    3. Converting Text to Columns (Exercise)
    4. Importing Files
    5. Importing Text Files (Exercise)
    6. Linking to External Data
    7. Controlling Calculation Options
    8. Data Validation
    9. Using Data Validation (Exercise)
    10. Consolidating Data
    11. Consolidating Data (Exercise)
    12. What-If Analysis
    13. Using Goal Seek (Exercise)
  5. Recording and Using Macros
    1. Recording Macros
    2. Recording a Macro (Exercise)
    3. Running Macros
    4. Editing Macros
    5. Adding Macros to the Quick Access Toolbar
    6. Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar (Exercise)
  6. Working with Others
    1. Comments and Notes
    2. Protecting Worksheets and Workbooks
    3. Password Protecting a Workbook (Exercise)
    4. Marking a Workbook as Final
    5. Other Sharing Concerns

Required Prerequisites

  • Intermedate Excel skills.

Length: 1 day | $20.00 per copy
Labs: Add-on available | $17.75 per lab
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What is Included?
  • Student Manual
  • Student Class Files
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Labs (optional add-on)