Nintex Forms and Mobile Courseware (55220AC)

This is a one-day instructor-led course focused on the use of Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile to customize forms for SharePoint 2013 and Nintex Workflow 2013.

The course begins by introducing Nintex Forms, explaining how and where forms can be created and the specific terminology associated with forms. It showcases how Nintex Forms 2013 allows for the creation of engaging, interactive forms in the browser without the need for code.

The course progresses from the creation of simple forms to the design of more dynamic forms that interact with data from lists, libraries, and workflows. This approach fully explores the potential of the product.

Once participants are comfortable with form components, the course shifts focus to the aesthetics of the forms. This includes how to customize the branding of individual forms with backgrounds and logos to align with corporate branding, as well as how to modify the templates used to define new forms.

The course concludes by showing participants how to make their forms accessible outside the SharePoint environment using Nintex Live and Nintex Mobile.

While anyone can attend this course, a prior knowledge of using SharePoint as a Site Owner may be beneficial.

Publisher: Combined Knowledge

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The course may be available directly from the publisher. If you need the course and are not able to find it, please let us know and we will do our best to help.