Managing trust relationships with multiple business identity providers (basics) Courseware (55091AC)

This three-day course covers the key elements of decoupling cloud service from the complexities of maintaining direct relationships with all identity providers. It discusses how different identity providers can utilize their own authentication protocols, and how the results are normalized.

You'll learn about Access Control Services (ACS), their role in authentication and authorization, and how they manage the user interface for users to choose their identity provider. The course focuses on the concept of 'normalizing attributes' through Azure Management APIs.

The course also teaches how claims can be accessed by application developers and SSO ITPros to establish authentication and/or authorization. You don't need to understand the details of authentication protocols to use them effectively.

Management of multiple business identity providers and writing different code for each of them are also topics covered in the course. The length of the course is designed to allow enough time to absorb and apply this information.

This course is designed for architects, IT professionals and developers. IT professionals who occasionally create software applications, code, websites, or complex macros would benefit from this course. Developers who specialize in these areas would also find the course useful. A basic understanding of C# programming and navigation skills in Visual Studio 2010, 2012, or 2013 is required. The course is also intended for architects tasked with transitioning Identity and Access into Microsoft Azure Cloud from classic on-premise or non-Azure datacenters, or those tasked with building secure IaaS/PaaS hybrids between on-premise and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Publisher: Olaf Cames

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