Our lab environment hosted on Skillable provides a perfect learning environment for your students. No setup is required. Your trainer and students just launch the lab, and they’re ready to go.

Pre-installed Software

The lab environment comes with the following software pre-installed:

  1. Windows
Class Files

The course includes many codes samples and exercise and solution files, which are pre-installed, with shortcuts to the class files folder on the desktop.

Exercise Instructions

The sidebar is populated with all the exercise instructions that are also included in the manual, allowing students to go through an exercise without toggling back and forth between the manual and the lab.

How Students Access The Lab

Students can access and launch add-on labs right from their My Courseware page.

Lab access is straightforward and convenient, allowing students to quickly get hands-on experience with just a few clicks. The preconfigured lab environment with easy access to instructions ensures students spend more time learning and less on setup complexities.

How The Trainer Accesses the Lab

If you have included a lab for the trainer, you will be provided a Trainer Redemption Key on your order.

Trainers can use this key to redeem their copy of the lab.

Courseware That Uses This Lab

Lab Tips

Tip 1: Understand the difference between End and Save.
  •   When you end your lab, you can reopen it; however, you will start fresh. All your previous work will be lost.
  •   When you save your lab, it will be in the same state as you left it as long as you return within seven (7) days. Seven days after you save, your lab will automatically end if you have not reopened and resaved.
Tip 2: Toggle full screen on and off to adjust how applications fit in the window.

  Try this if part of an application does not fit on the screen.

Tip 3: Copy and paste from your local computer to your lab.

  You cannot use shortcut keys. Instead, click the lightning bolt in the upper-left corner and select Type Text > Type Clipboard Text. A dialog will then pop open, and you can paste your text there.

Tip 4: Email yourself files.

  If you need to transfer files between your local computer and the lab, you should email them to yourself or save them in Google Drive, Dropbox, or another cloud storage service.

Tip 5: Familiarize Yourself with the Lab Interface through Skillable's Documentation

  Dive deeper into utilizing the lab interface effectively by consulting Skillable’s comprehensive documentation.