Adobe Animate Creative Cloud

Adobe Animate Creative Cloud Courseware (ANICC.1)

This Adobe Animate Creative Cloud courseware is designed to provide a solid foundation for individuals new to Animate, empowering them to harness their creativity and to design captivating digital content. Students taking the course will acquire the essential Animate skills to create captivating digital content and elevate their creative potential.

Publisher: Webucator


  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: The course covers key Animate features and concepts, including drawing and animating, creating symbols, working with text, adding audio and video, and publishing content for various platforms. This well-rounded approach ensures that students develop a strong understanding of the software's capabilities.
  2. Step-by-Step Guidance: The course is structured to progressively introduce Adobe Animate features, allowing students to build their skills and confidence at a comfortable pace. This methodical approach ensures that even complete beginners can grasp complex topics.
  3. Engaging, Hands-on Learning: Our course emphasizes practical projects and real-life examples, enabling students to apply their newfound Animate knowledge to actual design challenges. This hands-on approach helps to solidify understanding and retention.
  4. Expert Authors: The course materials are crafted by experienced authors with extensive knowledge of Adobe Animate and a passion for teaching. Their expertise ensures that students receive clear explanations, practical insights, and top-notch content throughout the learning process.
  5. Versatile Skills Development: By covering a diverse range of Animate concepts and techniques, the course lays the groundwork for students to explore various aspects of digital content creation, from web animations to interactive presentations and beyond.


  1. Getting Started
    1. Starting Animate and Opening a File
    2. Getting to Know the Work Area
    3. Creating a New Document
    4. Using Workspaces
    5. Moving Panels
    6. Changing Workspaces
    7. Opening Existing Files
    8. Using the Properties Panel
    9. Undo
    10. Previewing Your Movie
    11. Publishing Your Movie
    12. Some Important Keyboard Shortcuts
    13. Exercise: Previewing Your Movie
  2. Working with Drawing Tools
    1. Drawing in Animate
    2. Using the Tools Panel
    3. Using the Drawing Tools
    4. Using the Animate Drawing Tools to Create Shapes
    5. Using Additional Tools
    6. Exercise: Use the Drawing Tools to Create a Logo
  3. Graphic Symbols and the Library
    1. Working with the Library Panel
    2. About Symbols
    3. Creating Symbols
    4. Editing and Managing Symbols
    5. Duplicating Symbols
    6. Swapping Symbols
    7. Changing the Size and Position of Instances
    8. Changing the Color Effect of Instances
    9. Create Graphic Symbols
    10. Exercise: Create Graphic Symbols for a Banner Ad
    11. Import to Stage / Import to Library
    12. Open Another Document's Library / Sharing
    13. Importing Illustrator Files
    14. Importing Photoshop Files
    15. Exercise: Create Graphic Symbols
  4. Basic Animation
    1. Understanding the Timeline
    2. Organizing Layers in a Timeline
    3. About Animation
    4. Frame-by-Frame Animation
    5. Adding Frames, Keyframes, and Blank Keyframes
    6. Animating Position: Frame-by-Frame Animation
    7. Changing the Pacing and Timing
    8. Animating Transparency
    9. Previewing the Animation
    10. Animation with a Motion Tween
    11. Exercise: Use Motion Tween to Animate Airplane
    12. Using Timelines to Create Movie Structure
    13. Understanding Our Project File
    14. Exercise: Build Site Structure on Timeline
    15. More with Animation
    16. Exercise: Improving Motion Tweens with Easing and Motion Presets
  5. Advanced Animation
    1. Copy and Paste Motion
    2. Creating Motion Presets
    3. Create Photo Gallery using Motion Presets
    4. Creating Masks
    5. Animating Masks
    6. Morphing with Shape Tweens
    7. Using Shape Hints
    8. Motion with Inverse Kinematics
    9. Constraining Joints
    10. Inverse Kinematics
    11. Inverse Kinematics with Shapes
  6. Button Symbols
    1. Creating Button Symbols
    2. Text-Only Buttons (Using the Hit State)
    3. Animated Buttons
    4. Exercise: Adding Buttons to the Web Site
    5. Using Sounds
  7. Movie Clip Symbols
    1. Creating Movie Clip Symbols
    2. Movie Clip Symbols vs. Graphic Symbols
    3. Using a Movie Clip to Store Animation
    4. Nesting Symbols
    5. Exercise: Creating Movie Clips
    6. Code Snippets in a Movie Clip
    7. Exercise: Using Code to Stop the Website
  8. Publishing Animate Documents
    1. Testing a Animate Document
    2. Publish Settings
    3. Exercise: Publishing

Required Prerequisites