Articulate Storyline 360: Beyond Essentials: 3rd Edition (Advanced)

Articulate Storyline 360: Beyond Essentials: 3rd Edition (Advanced) Courseware (ARTSL201)

This Advanced Articulate Storyline training will pick up where the beginner course left off.  Learn to create themes, templates, games, add complex motion paths, add advanced quizzes, and more.

Publisher: IconLogic, Inc.


  • Learn how to create custom themes and templates.
  • Learn how to add motion paths.
  • Learn to work with animations and states.
  • Learn to add sliders, dials, forced navigation, random quizzes, and video controls.


Themes and Templates

  • Themes
  • Theme Properties
  • Storyline Templates
  • Layouts
  • Content areas
  • Variables
  • Animations
  • Navigation

Advanced Animations/Motion Paths

  • Adding Slide Objects
  • Applying Multiple Motion Paths to an Object
  • Triggers
  • Creating and Editing a Motion Path
  • Limiting Motion Path Activation
  • Adding an Object Intersects Event


  • Adding Game Elements
  • Creating an Interactive Game

Video Control and Sliders

  • Inserting Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Other Video Services
  • Controling the Playback of a Video Including How to Add Cue Points
  • Adding and Controllinng Both Sliders and Dials

Advanced Quizzing

  • Editing Question Properties to Enhance a Drag-and-Drop Questions
  • Learn about Remediation Allowing Learners to Access Relevevant Information
  • Creating a Random Quiz with Question Banks
  • Adding Additional Question Banks

Accessibility and Reporting

  • Use Storyline to Create Accessible eLearning Lessons
  • Making Images Accessible and Control Visibility
  • Setting a Tab Order
  • Editing a Slide's Tab Order
  • Creating Closed Captioning Using Triggers, States, Variables, and Layers
  • Creating Content to Report Results to a Learning Management System
  • Setting Up Reporting Options

Required Prerequisites

Introductory-level skills using Articulate Storyline 360.


Length: 2 days | $29.00 per copy

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What is Included?
  • Student Manual