Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training Courseware (SRV101)

This Customer Service course provides an overview of the essentials of customer service, focusing on both internal and external customers. Students will learn the basics of customer service, including how to interact with various types of customers, understand their needs, and develop responsible customer service skills. The course covers essential communication techniques, both verbal and nonverbal, and teaches best practices for implementing and maintaining customer service standards. The course also emphasizes the importance of attracting and retaining loyal customers, exploring how exceptional service can create memorable experiences and promote long-term customer loyalty.

Publisher: Webucator


  1. Improved communication skills: Learn effective verbal and nonverbal communication techniques to build rapport and credibility with customers.
  2. Problem resolution: Develop the ability to handle complaints and problems efficiently and professionally.
  3. Positive attitude: Cultivate a positive mindset that enhances your customer service skills and interactions.
  4. Implementation of service standards: Understand how to create, monitor, and maintain customer service standards for consistent, high-quality service.
  5. Customer loyalty: Discover strategies for attracting and retaining loyal customers through memorable service experiences.
  6. Employee satisfaction: Recognize the impact of employee loyalty and job satisfaction on overall customer service.


  1. Customer Service Basics
    1. Defining Customer Service
    2. Internal and External Customers
      1. Internal Customers
      2. External Customers
    3. Interacting with Customers
      1. Amiable Customers
      2. Aggressive Customers
      3. Angry Customers
      4. Handling Stress
    4. Understanding What the Customer Wants
  2. Developing Responsible Customer Service Skills
    1. Developing a Positive Attitude
      1. Good People Skills
    2. Going a Step Beyond What Is Expected
      1. Active Listening
    3. Dealing with Complaints and Problems
      1. Problem Resolution
  3. Developing Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
    1. The Basics of Communication
      1. Tone
      2. Pitch
      3. Volume
    2. Customer Communication
      1. Building Rapport
      2. Establishing Credibility
  4. Customer Service Best Practices
    1. Creating Customer Service Standards from Best Practices
    2. Implementing Service Standards
      1. Service Standards and Job Descriptions
      2. Service Standards and Employee Orientations
      3. Service Standards and Ongoing Training
      4. Service Standards and Performance Reviews
    3. Monitoring Service Standards
      1. Management Role
      2. Service Team Role
    4. Maintaining Service Standards
  5. Attracting Loyal Customers
    1. Create Memorable Service
      1. Service Above and Beyond
      2. Great Customer Service Examples
    2. Develop Loyal Customers
      1. Reward Loyal Customers
      2. Survey Customers
      3. Involve Loyal Customers
      4. Keep in Touch with Loyal Customers
      5. Thank Loyal Customers
    3. How Loyal Employees Impact Customers
      1. Measuring Employee Loyalty
      2. Employee Job Satisfaction

Required Prerequisites