Excel for Microsoft 365/2021 – Level 4 – Extract, Analyze, and Visualize Data

Excel for Microsoft 365/2021 – Level 4 – Extract, Analyze, and Visualize Data Courseware (S1M34Een)

This course teaches participants how to extract and prepare raw data for analysis, perform data analysis to gather necessary outputs and KPIs, and create visual data dashboards by assembling these outputs with other elements.

Publisher: DCF Ltd.


  • Learn the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process for raw data, ensuring it is properly extracted, cleaned, and loaded for analysis.
  • Develop their abilities to perform accurate and efficient data analysis to gather essential outputs and KPIs.
  • Integrate various design and data elements to create and secure visual dashboards.
  • Enhance decision-making abilities by learning to manage raw data, analyze it, and present it visually.


  1. Course Overview
    1. Course Flow
    2. Course Flow Graphical Objectives
  2. Working with Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading
    1. Understanding the Extract, Transform, and Load Process
    2. Power Query Overview
    3. Getting Started with Power Query
    4. Managing Query Results
    5. Reorganizing Data
    6. Combing Data
    7. Working with Web Data
  3. Working with Data Analysis and Dashboards
    1. Data Analysis and Dashboard Overview
    2. Getting Started with Dashboards
    3. Data Analysis for Dashboard Objects
    4. Completing and Using Dashboards
  4. Supplemental Topics
    1. Working with Slicers in Dashboards
    2. Course Data Folder Location

Required Prerequisites

Participants should have an intermediate understanding of Excel, including working with shapes, formulas, functions, and tables, as well as some familiarity with data analysis concepts.


Length: 1 day | $20.00 per copy

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What is Included?
  • Student Manual
  • Student Class Files