Introduction to PHP

Introduction to PHP Courseware (PHP101)

This Introduction to PHP course provides a comprehensive overview of the PHP programming language, covering essential topics such as PHP basics, conditionals, loops, arrays, and working with databases. Students will also explore exception handling, PHP and HTML forms, sending emails, authentication with PHP and SQL, file uploading, and creating an admin site. Through hands-on exercises and practical examples, learners will gain a solid foundation in PHP, enabling them to build dynamic web applications with ease.

Publisher: Webucator


  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The courseware covers a wide range of PHP topics, ensuring students have a thorough understanding of the language and its capabilities.
  2. Practical Examples: Real-world examples are used throughout the course, helping students see how PHP can be applied to solve real problems.
  3. Hands-on Learning: Students will participate in numerous exercises, allowing them to practice and solidify their new skills.
  4. Engaging Content: The courseware is designed to be interactive and engaging, keeping students interested and motivated to learn.
  5. Experienced Authors: The courseware is created by experienced PHP developers, ensuring high-quality content that is both accurate and up-to-date.


  1. PHP Basics
    1. Welcome to the Server-side
    2. Google Chrome DevTools: Network Tab
    3. How PHP Works
    4. PHP Functions
    6. Using (Exercise)
    7. Variables
    8. First PHP Script (Exercise)
    9. Variable Scope
    10. Single Quotes vs. Double Quotes
    11. Concatenation
    12. Passing Variables on the URL
    13. Passing Variables via the Query String (Exercise)
    14. User-defined Functions (UDFs)
    15. Introduction to the Poet Tree Club
    16. Including Files
    17. Using Header and Footer Includes (Exercise)
    18. Constants
    19. Error Reporting
    20. Displaying Errors (Exercise)
    21. Including a Secure Configuration File
    22. Including a Configuration File (Exercise)
  2. PHP Conditionals
    1. if / if - else / if - elseif - else
    2. False Equivalents: Falsy Values
    3. Testing for Variable Existence
    4. Checking for Variable Existence (Exercise)
    5. switch/case
    6. Working with Conditions (Exercise)
    7. Ternary Operator
    8. The Ternary Operator (Exercise)
    9. Null Coalescing Operator
  3. Arithmetic Operators and Loops
    1. Arithmetic Operators
    2. The Modulus Operator
    3. Loops
    4. Working with Loops (Exercise)
  4. Arrays
    1. Indexed Arrays
    2. Working with Indexed Arrays (Exercise)
    3. Associative Arrays
    4. Working with Associative Arrays (Exercise)
    5. Superglobal Arrays
    6. Multi-dimensional Arrays
    7. Array Manipulation Functions
    8. in_array() Function
    9. Array Practice (Exercise)
  5. Working with Databases
    1. Objects
    2. Attributes / Properties
    3. Behaviors / Methods
    4. Classes vs. Objects
    5. Connecting to a Database with PDO
    6. Introducing the Poetree Database
    7. phpMyAdmin
    8. Querying Records with PHP
    9. Creating a Single Poem Page (Exercise)
    10. Queries Returning Multiple Rows
    11. Creating the Poems Listings (Exercise)
    12. Adding Pagination (Exercise)
    13. Sorting (Exercise)
    14. Anticipating Foul Play
    15. Filtering (Exercise)
    16. Adding Filtering Links to the Single Poem Page (Exercise)
  6. Exception Handling
    1. Uncaught Exceptions
    2. Throwing Your Own Exceptions
    3. Catching Exceptions
    4. Division Form (Exercise)
    5. PDOExceptions
    6. Logging Errors (Exercise)
    7. The dbConnect() Function (Exercise)
    8. When Queries Fail to Execute
    9. Catching Errors in the PHP Poetry Website (Exercise)
  7. PHP and HTML Forms
    1. HTML Forms
    2. Form Submissions
    3. Sanitizing Form Data
    4. Validating Form Data
    5. Processing Form Input (Exercise)
  8. Sending Email with PHP
    1. mail()
    2. Setting Up PHPMailer
    3. Mail Server
    4. Including a Mail Configuration File (Exercise)
    5. Sending Email with PHPMailer
    6. PHPMailer Methods and Properties
    7. Creating a Contact Form (Exercise)
  9. Authentication with PHP and SQL
    1. The Registration Process
    2. Passwords and Pass Phrases
    3. Registration with Tokens
    4. Creating a Registration Form (Exercise)
    5. Sessions
    6. Cookies
    7. Logging in (Exercise)
    8. Logging Out
    9. $_REQUEST Variables
    10. Resetting the Pass Phrase (Exercise)
  10. LAB: Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Poems
    1. Submitting a New Poem (Exercise)
    2. Showing All User’s Poems in on the Poems Page (Exercise)
    3. Editing an Existing Poem (Exercise)
    4. Deleting a Poem (Exercise)
  11. Uploading Files
    1. Enabling File Info Functions on Windows
    2. Uploading Images via an HTML Form
    3. Resizing Images
    4. Uploading a Profile Picture (Exercise)
  12. Admin Site
    1. Adding the Admin Pages (Exercise)
    2. Creating the isAdmin() Function (Exercise)
    3. Completing the Admin Home Page (Exercise)
    4. Completing the Admin Poems Page (Exercise)
    5. Approving, Editing, and Deleting Poems (Exercise)
    6. Completing the Admin Users Page (Exercise)
    7. Make the My Account Page Spoofable (Exercise)

Required Prerequisites

  • HTML

Useful Prerequisites

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Some SQL

Length: 5 days | $175.00 per copy

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