Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud

Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud Courseware (PRMCC.1)

This Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro courseware provides a solid foundation in the essential features of Adobe Premiere Pro, a powerful and versatile video editing software program. The course covers a wide range of topics, starting with a comprehensive introduction to the software, its interface, and the digital video workflow. Students will learn about storytelling, shot framing, and basic video editing techniques. Additionally, the course delves into more advanced topics such as audio editing, visual effects, color correction and grading, compositing techniques, and creating graphics and titles. It also covers aspects of working in the video industry, such as copyright and content licensing.

Publisher: Webucator


  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The course covers essential aspects of Adobe Premiere Pro, from basic to advanced techniques, catering to a wide range of learning needs.
  2. Hands-on Exercises: Practical exercises throughout the course allow students to apply their knowledge and gain confidence in using Premiere Pro.
  3. Real-world Applicability: The course teaches practical skills that students can directly apply to their video editing projects.
  4. Industry Insight: Students gain insight into the video industry by learning about copyright, content licensing, and obtaining permissions.
  5. Exam Preparation: The course includes an exam preparation section to help students review key concepts and prepare for the Premiere Pro certification exam.


  1. Introduction to Premiere Pro
    1. What is Premiere Pro?
    2. Who Uses Premiere Pro?
    3. What is Non-linear Editing?
    4. Introducing the Digital Video Workflow
    5. Touring Premiere Pro’s Interface
  2. Thinking in Video
    1. Telling Stories with Video
    2. Shots
    3. Framing Your Shots
    4. Camera Moves
    5. Edit Your First Video (Exercise)
  3. Setting Up a Project
    1. Creating a Project
    2. Organizing Media
    3. Importing Media (Exercise)
    4. Organizing Your Project Panel (Exercise)
    5. Creating a Sequence (Exercise)
    6. Reviewing Clips
  4. Basic Video Editing
    1. Editing Clips with the Source Monitor
    2. Editing Clips in the Source Monitor (Exercise)
    3. The Timeline Panel
    4. Editing in the Timeline (Exercise)
  5. Exporting
    1. Exporting Frames
    2. Making a Quick Export
    3. Customizing Your Export
    4. Exporting a Main File
    5. Exporting a Clip
    6. Using Adobe Media Encoder
    7. Exporting to Social Media (Exercise)
    8. Copying or Archiving a Project
  6. Clips and Markers
    1. Using the Program Monitor
    2. Using Markers
    3. Editing a Sequence in the Program Monitor (Exercise)
  7. Transitions
    1. Understanding Transitions
    2. Applying Transitions (Exercise)
    3. Adding Audio Transitions
  8. Advanced Editing Techniques
    1. Three-point Edits
    2. Four-point Edits
    3. Changing Clip Playback Speed
    4. Replacing Clips
    5. Nesting Sequences
    6. Trimming
    7. Motion
    8. Clip Position, Size, and Rotation
    9. Using Motion Effects in the Timeline (Exercise)
  9. Working with Audio
    1. Working with the Audio Workspace
    2. Configuring the Audio Mix Track
    3. Adjusting Volume and Gain
    4. Improving Audio
    5. Enhancing Audio (Exercise)
  10. Visual Effects
    1. Introducing the Effects Panel
    2. Types of Effects
    3. Applying Effects
    4. Using Adjustment Layers
    5. Source Clip Effects
    6. Masking and Tracking
    7. Keyframing Effects
    8. Animating an Effect Using Keyframes (Exercise)
    9. Some Common Effects
  11. Color Correction and Grading
    1. Understanding Color Adjustment
    2. Reading the Lumetri Scopes
    3. Using the Lumetri Color Panel
    4. The Comparison View
    5. Matching Colors
    6. Color Adjustment Effects
    7. Using Brightness and Contrast (Exercise)
  12. Compositing Techniques
    1. Alpha Channel
    2. The Opacity Effect
    3. Color Keying a Green-screen Shot
    4. Masking
    5. Creating a Custom Matte (Exercise)
  13. Graphics and Titles
    1. The Essential Graphics Panel
    2. Creating a Title
    3. Introduction to Video Typography
    4. Using Graphics
    5. Creating Captions (Exercise)
  14. Working in the Video Industry
    1. Copyright and Content Licensing
    2. Obtaining Permissions
    3. Premiere Pro Flash Cards (Exercise)
  15. Exam Preparation
    1. Working in the Video Industry
    2. Project Setup and Interface
    3. Organizing Video Projects
    4. Creating and Modifying Visual Elements
    5. Publishing Digital Media

Required Prerequisites

  • Basic computer skills.

Useful Prerequisites

  • Knowledge of image editing and corresponding file formats.
  • Experience shooting video (even if it's just with a mobile phone).

Length: 3 days | $105.00 per copy

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What is Included?
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