Introduction to XML, XSL, and XML Schema

Introduction to XML, XSL, and XML Schema Courseware (XML100)

In this XML training class, you will learn to create well-formed XML documents, to build simple DTDs and XML Schema for validating XML documents, and to build XSLTs for transforming XML documents into XHTML and other XML structures.

Publisher: Webucator


  • Learn to create well-formed XML documents.
  • Learn the difference between HTML and XHTML.
  • Learn to create basic DTDs.
  • Learn to create basic XML schemas.
  • Learn to validate XML documents against DTDs and XML schemas.
  • Learn to create basic XSLTs to transform XML documents for output as text, HTML, and other XML structures.


  1. XML Basics
    1. What is XML?
    2. XML Benefits
    3. XML in Practice
    4. XML Documents
    5. Creating a Simple XML File
    6. Editing an XML File (Exercise)
    7. Recognizing XML (Exercise)
  2. DTDs
    1. Well-formed vs. Valid
    2. The Purpose of DTDs
    3. Creating DTDs
    4. Validating an XML Document with a DTD
    5. Writing a DTD (Exercise)
  3. XML Schema Basics
    1. The Purpose of XML Schema
    2. The Power of XML Schema
    3. A First Look
    4. Validating an XML Instance Document
  4. Simple-Type Elements
    1. Overview
    2. Built-in Simple Types
    3. Building a Simple Schema (Exercise)
    4. User-derived Simple Types
    5. Restricting Element Content (Exercise)
    6. Specifying Element Type Locally
    7. Nonatomic Types
    8. Adding Nonatomic Types (Exercise)
    9. Declaring Global Simple-Type Elements
    10. Converting Simple-Type Element Declarations from Local to Global (Exercise)
    11. Default Values
    12. Fixed Values
    13. Nil Values
  5. XSLT Basics
    1. eXtensible Stylesheet Language
    2. The Transformation Process
    3. An XSLT Stylesheet
    4. Output Types
    5. Elements and Attributes

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Length: 2 days | $70.00 per copy

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