Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud

Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud Courseware (IND.CERT)

In this comprehensive Adobe InDesign CC course, students will be immersed in the world of professional page layout and design. This course provides an in-depth exploration of InDesign, Adobe's leading layout software, widely used in the publishing industry. From creating simple flyers to complex multi-page documents, this course covers a range of practical applications suitable for all skill levels. It goes beyond just teaching the tools and features; students will learn how to integrate these skills into real-world design projects. With a focus on both creative and technical aspects, the course prepares students for professional challenges and helps them understand how to use InDesign to bring their design ideas to life. Whether for preparing for the InDesign certification exam or enhancing existing design skills, this course is packed with insights and industry-relevant techniques, making it ideal for aspiring and seasoned designers alike.

Publisher: Webucator


  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The course covers all essential aspects of Adobe InDesign, from basic to advanced techniques, making it suitable for learners of various skill levels.
  2. Hands-on Exercises: Practical exercises throughout the course allow students to apply their knowledge and gain confidence in using InDesign for their design projects.
  3. Real-world Applicability: The course teaches practical skills that students can directly apply to their desktop publishing and design projects.
  4. Project Management: Students will learn to efficiently manage and organize their InDesign projects using parent pages, layers, and other organizational tools.
  5. Collaboration and Sharing: The course covers various methods to share, print, and export projects, ensuring students can effectively collaborate with others and present their work professionally.


  1. Crash Course

    1. InDesign Home Screen
    2. Opening a File in InDesign
    3. Creating and Opening Files (Exercise)
    4. The InDesign Interface
    5. Properties Panel
    6. Workspaces in InDesign
    7. Spreads and Pages
    8. Zooming
    9. Panning
    10. Setting Preferences
    11. Installing Adobe Fonts
    12. Create a Creative Cloud Libraries (Exercise)
  2. Creating An Invitation
    1. A Tea Party Invitation Postcard
    2. Hidden Characters
    3. Navigating a Document
    4. Types of Frames
    5. Adding Text to the Invitation (Exercise)
    6. Adding an Image to the Invitation (Exercise)
    7. Resizing Content
    8. Repositioning an Image in a Frame (Exercise)
    9. Character and Paragraph Styles in InDesign
    10. Styling and Formatting Text in the Invitation (Exercise)
    11. Highlighting and Styling Specific Text (Exercise)
    12. Finalizing the Postcard Invitation (Exercise)
  3. Creating A Book Chapter
    1. Creating a New Document (Exercise)
    2. Rulers, Guides, and Grids
    3. Add Guides to the Book Chapter (Exercise)
    4. Parent Pages
    5. Adding Guides to a Parent Page (Exercise)
    6. Headers and Footers
    7. Adding Headers (Exercise)
    8. Adding Page Numbers (Exercise)
    9. Adding Parents and Pages with Columns (Exercise)
  4. Text
    1. Placing Text
    2. Placing Text for Chapter 1 (Exercise)
    3. Creating and Styling a Poem with Text Frames (Exercise)
    4. Understanding Text Encoding
    5. Managing Text Placement (Exercise)
    6. Auto-size Text Boxes (Exercise)
    7. Find/Change
    8. Spell Check
    9. Understanding the Story Editor
    10. Three-Column Layout (Exercise)
  5. Styles
    1. Styles Overview
    2. Character Properties
    3. Paragraph Properties
    4. All About Fonts
    5. Creating Paragraph Styles (Exercise)
    6. Creating a Style for the Heading (Exercise)
    7. Creating a Bold Character Style (Exercise)
    8. Creating Text Box Columns (Exercise)
    9. Glyphs and Alternative Characters (Exercise)
    10. More Styling (Exercise)
    11. Creating Numbered lists (Exercise)
    12. Drop Cap and Nested Styles (Exercise)
    13. Object Styles (Exercise)
    14. Saving and Importing Styles and Creating Templates (Exercise)
  6. Images and Colors
    1. Placing Images
    2. Adding an Image to the Host Party Document (Exercise)
    3. Capture and Colors
    4. Fading an Image into a Background (Exercise)
    5. Gradients (Exercise)
    6. Text as a Frame (Exercise)
    7. Crop and Resize Frames (Exercise)
    8. Layers
    9. Organizing Objects in Layers (Exercise)
    10. Adding a QR Code (Exercise)
    11. Placing an Illustrator Image (Exercise)
    12. Gridify
    13. Using Gridify (Exercise)
    14. The Gap Tool
    15. Using the Gap Tool (Exercise)
    16. Adding Captions (Exercise)
    17. Align, Distribute, and Change Shapes (Exercise)
    18. Text Wrap (Exercise)
  7. Completing Documents
    1. Reshaping Text Boxes
    2. Reshape a Text Box (Exercise)
    3. Indent Tabs
    4. Setting Indent Tabs (Exercise)
    5. Balance Columns and Baseline Grid (Exercise)
    6. Text on a Path
    7. Creating Text on a Path (Exercise)
    8. Import Tricks
    9. Object Styles (Exercise)
    10. Updating Styles (Exercise)
    11. Anchored and Inline Images
    12. Placing Images (Exercise)
  8. Tables
    1. Inserting Tables
    2. Adding a Table to the Newsletter (Exercise)
    3. Adding a Table Header (Exercise)
    4. Cell Borders and Backgrounds (Exercise)
    5. Formatting the Cells (Exercise)
    6. Add Images in Cells (Exercise)
    7. Table Styles (Exercise)
  9. Preflight And Export
    1. Preflight Profiles
    2. Fixing Preflight Issues (Exercise)
    3. Export PDF (Exercise)
    4. Package Document (Exercise)
  10. Forms
    1. Text Fields (Exercise)
    2. Radio Buttons (Exercise)
    3. Check Boxes (Exercise)
    4. Form Button (Exercise)
    5. Interactive PDF Form (Exercise)
  11. Working in the Design Industry
    1. Client Goals and Audience
    2. Communicating about Design Plans
    3. Basic Project Management Concepts for Designers
    4. Copyright, Permissions, and Licensing
    5. Digital Image Terminology
    6. Typography
    7. Visual Composition

Required Prerequisites

  • Experience with basic software programs such as Microsoft Word

Length: 3 days | $105.00 per copy

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What is Included?
  • Student Manual
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