Introduction to Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud

Introduction to Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud Courseware (INDCC.1)

This Introduction to Adobe InDesign courseware is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the powerful desktop publishing software, Adobe InDesign. The course begins by familiarizing students with the InDesign environment, including its menus, panels, tools, and workspaces. Students will then learn how to create projects, work with graphics, text, and parent pages. Advanced techniques, such as working with templates, variables, hyperlinks, and forms will be explored. The course also covers printing and proofing projects, creating alternate layouts, and designing eBooks.

Publisher: Webucator


  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The course covers all essential aspects of Adobe InDesign, from basic to advanced techniques, making it suitable for learners of various skill levels.
  2. Hands-on Exercises: Practical exercises throughout the course allow students to apply their knowledge and gain confidence in using InDesign for their design projects.
  3. Real-world Applicability: The course teaches practical skills that students can directly apply to their desktop publishing and design projects.
  4. Project Management: Students will learn to efficiently manage and organize their InDesign projects using parent pages, layers, and other organizational tools.
  5. Collaboration and Sharing: The course covers various methods to share, print, and export projects, ensuring students can effectively collaborate with others and present their work professionally.


  1. Getting to Know the Environment
    1. Menus and Navigation
    2. Panels
    3. Navigation and Panels
    4. Tools
    5. Workspaces
    6. Rulers and Guides
    7. Workspaces and Guides
    8. File Management
    9. Display Performance
    10. Display
    11. InDesign Environment
  2. Creating a Project
    1. Creating a Project
    2. New Document
    3. Adding Page Elements
    4. Edit Elements with Control Panel
    5. Add and Edit Objects
    6. Create a New Project
    7. Duplication
    8. Arrange Objects
    9. Duplicate and Arrange
    10. Arrange Objects
    11. Complex Objects
    12. Edit Complex Objects
    13. Working with Complex Objects
    14. Complex Objects
    15. Text Objects
    16. Placing Text
    17. Text
    18. Working with Text
    19. Print Preview
    20. Working with Multiple Pages
    21. Pages
  3. Working with Graphics
    1. Workplace Setup
    2. Working with Color
    3. Color
    4. New Color Project
    5. Working with Gradients
    6. Gradients
    7. Abstract Frames
    8. Pencil Tool
    9. Anchored Objects
    10. Anchors
    11. Gradients and Frames
    12. Organizing with Layers
    13. Layers
    14. Working with Effects
    15. Object Styles
    16. Object Styles and Effects
    17. Special Features
    18. Working with Video
    19. Video
  4. Working with Text
    1. Text Placeholders
    2. Import Text from Word
    3. Text Threading
    4. Keyboard Shortcuts
    5. Place Text in Frames
    6. Place Text
    7. Missing Fonts
    8. Typography
    9. Character Formatting
    10. Paragraph Formatting
    11. Fonts and Formatting
    12. Text Wrap
    13. Text Alignment
    14. Text Wrap and Alignment
    15. Building a Page Layout
    16. Type on a Path
    17. Typing on a Path
    18. Glyphs Panel
    19. Advanced Text
    20. Frame Breaks
  5. Parent Pages
    1. Working with Parent Pages
    2. Creating Parent Pages
    3. Working with Position
    4. Parent Pages
    5. New Parent Pages
    6. Import/Export Parent Pages
    7. Setting Defaults
    8. Parent Page Tools
    9. Working with Parent Page Options
    10. Flow of Text on Parent Pages
    11. Set Defaults for Text Frames
    12. Set Page Numbers
    13. Frames and Page Numbers
    14. Edit Parent Pages
  6. Working with Templates
    1. Create a Project from a Template
    2. Replace and Fix Missing Objects
    3. Using the Links Panel
    4. Templates and Links
    5. New Project from a Template
    6. Create Structure Using Parent Pages
    7. Place Files
    8. Parent Pages and Place Files
    9. Add Content and Parent Pages
    10. Working with Styles
    11. Bullet and Number Lists
    12. Styles
    13. Place and Create Tables
    14. Tables
    15. Work with Styles and Objects
    16. Save as a Template
  7. Advanced Techniques
    1. Types of Variables
    2. Variables
    3. Hyperlinks
    4. Using Hyperlinks
    5. Variables and Hyperlinks
    6. Object Stacking Order
    7. Find/Change Options
    8. Stacking Order and Find Options
    9. InDesign Libraries
    10. Create a Library
    11. Libraries
    12. Forms
    13. Working with Forms
    14. Forms
  8. Printing and Proofing a Project
    1. Spell Check
    2. Convert Text to Outline
    3. Text to Outline
    4. Save and Package
    5. PDF Bookmarks
    6. Using PDF Bookmarks
    7. Proof and Send
    8. Table of Contents
    9. Using a Table of Contents
    10. Table of Contents
    11. Printing
    12. Save as PDF
    13. Printing and PDF
    14. Printing Variations
    15. Save as EPUB
  9. Layouts
    1. Alternate Layouts
    2. Terminology
    3. Design Principles in InDesign
  10. Creating eBooks
    1. Create Buttons with Actions
    2. Buttons with Actions
    3. Adding Animation
    4. Animation
    5. Export to EPUB
    6. Designing for the Web with InDesign
    7. Export to HTML
    8. New Web Document
    9. New Document Setup

Required Prerequisites

  • Experience with basic software programs such as Microsoft Word