Mastering Azure Repos

Mastering Azure Repos Courseware (MARS)

Azure DevOps provides a set of cloud-hosted tools that software teams can use to quickly plan, develop, test, and deliver value in the form of working software. Azure Repos provide public or private Git repositories that enable better collaboration and cleaner code. To maximize learning, students will work in teams, in a common Azure DevOps project, on a common codebase.

Who should take this class?
This course is appropriate for all software developers who are using or considering using Azure Repos for Git version control. Having some experience with version control is recommended. Experience with Git, Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code, and C# are also helpful, but not required.

Publisher: Accentient, Inc.


This course provides several learning objectives and benefits

  • Learn how Git is used within an Azure DevOps project
  • Configure an Azure DevOps project to support Git
  • Understand when to use a public project
  • Compare multi-repo with mono-repo configurations
  • Explain Git architecture and benefits
  • Use Git in basic and advanced workflows
  • Experience Git integration with Visual Studio and VS Code
  • Inspect a Git repo, undo Git changes, and rewrite history
  • Branch and Merge using Git in Visual Studio and Azure Repos
  • Use Pull Requests for verification and to maintain quality
  • Configure Git and Azure Repos hooks and extensions
  • Compare GitFlow, GitHub Flow, and Trunk-Based Development
  • Know when to install and use Scalar to support large repos


1. Introduction to Azure Repos

  • Azure DevOps overview
  • Azure Repos overview
  • Public vs. private repos
  • Creating, configuring, and securing repos
  • Hands-on

2. Git Concepts

  • DVCS concepts and Git overview
  • Using Git from the command line 
  • Creating/cloning a repository
  • Git commit and history
  • Basic Git workflows
  • Git for Windows
  • Hands-on

3. IDE Integration

  • Visual Studio Integration 
  • Visual Studio Code Integration
  • Connecting-to a repository
  • Basic Git workflows revisited
  • Associating comments and work items
  • Viewing commit history
  • Ignoring files when committing
  • Hands-on

4. Working with Azure Repos

  • Annotating changes (for blame/praise)
  • Tagging 
  • Editing commit history
  • Checkout to a previous version
  • Reverting to a previous version
  • Resetting to a previous version
  • Stashing changes
  • Branching and merging
  • Rebasing
  • Pull requests
  • Branch policies
  • Code reviews using pull requests
  • Hands-on

5. Mastering Azure Repos

  • Git Hooks and Git extensions
  • Code Search
  • GitHub integration
  • Forking
  • Workflows (Git Flow, GitHub Flow)
  • Scalar (f.k.a. VFS for Git)
  • Repository limits
  • Hands-on

Required Prerequisites

Having some experience with version control is recommended.

Useful Prerequisites

Experience with Git, Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code, and C# are also helpful, but not required.


Length: 1 day | $75.00 per copy

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What is Included?
  • Student Manual
  • Student Class Files
  • Extra Trainer Files
  • PowerPoint Presentation