Scrum for Product Owners

Scrum for Product Owners Courseware (S4PO)

This instructor-led class is intended to help Scrum Product Owners be more effective. Through a combination of
presentation, discussion, and hands-on activities, attendees will learn the responsibilities and preferred practices of being a Product Owner who is truly accountable for maximizing the product's value.

Who should take this class?
This course is intended for existing or candidate Product Owners. Business analysts (BAs), subject matter experts (SMEs), or other stakeholders who interact with a Product Owner are also encouraged to attend.

Publisher: Accentient, Inc.


This course provides several learning objectives and benefits

  • Increase agility through the proper understanding of the Product Owner accountability
  • Appreciate a product mindset over a project mindset
  • Link business strategy to product development with Scrum
  • See how a Product Owner is an Agile Product Manager
  • Explain why empiricism is best suited for complex work
  • Learn the Scrum framework
  • List and explain the various Scrum accountabilities (roles)
  • Understand the Product Owner accountability
  • List and explain the various Scrum events
  • List and explain the various Scrum artifacts
  • List and explain the various Scrum commitments
  • Refine a Product Backlog
  • Take a lean approach to requirements
  • Differentiate requirements and specifications
  • Explain the importance of acceptance criteria
  • Agile estimation techniques
  • Create a Definition of “Ready”
  • Learn techniques for Product Backlog Management
  • Practice Release Management
  • Use forecasting to help answer the question "when will it be done"
  • Prefer agile metrics over traditional metrics
  • Discover ways to interact with stakeholders as well as members of the Scrum Team
  • Reduce waste during product development


  1. Agile Product Management
    1. Why agility?
    2. The Scrum Guide and the Scrum Framework
    3. Accountabilities, events, artifacts
    4. The Scrum Values
    5. The Product Owner Accountability
  2. Myths and Misconceptions
    1. Scrum myths and misconceptions
    2. Product Owner myths and misconceptions
    3. Planning myths and misconceptions
    4. Estimating myths and misconceptions
  3. Managing the Product Backlog
    1. What is meant by a product
    2. The Product Backlog
    3. Product Backlog Items
    4. Business value
    5. Product Backlog refinement
    6. Estimating
    7. Definition of "Ready"
    8. Ordering the Product Backlog
    9. Release Planning
  4. Enabling the Product Owner
    1. Optimizing the current culture
    2. Management and Scrum
    3. Hypothesis-Driven Development
    4. Using Feature flags
    5. Using Telemetry
    6. A/B Testing
    7. Avoiding technical debt
    8. Agile metrics

Required Prerequisites

Typical attendees are those who have experience on a Scrum Team or who have recently attended Scrum training. Having some project or product management experience is recommended.

Useful Prerequisites

Experience with Agile practices, and Scrum in particular, are also helpful, but not required. Attendees should read and be familiar with the Scrum Guide prior to class.


Length: 1 day | $75.00 per copy

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What is Included?
  • Student Manual
  • PowerPoint Presentation