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Docker (GL340)

3 days

In this comprehensive course, participants delve into the world of Docker, the industry-leading containerization platform revolutionizing modern IT infrastructures. This intensive program equips learners with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to harness the power of Docker effectively.

Throughout the course, participants explore the core features of Docker, including container creation and management, advanced networking techniques, persistent data management with volumes, and Dockerfile creation for custom image management. Emphasis is placed on best practices for securing Docker installations and containers, ensuring robust and resilient environments.

Hands-on labs provide invaluable practical experience, allowing participants to apply concepts learned in real-world …

Kubernetes Administration

Kubernetes Administration (GL360)

3 days

This Kubernetes Administration course is designed to equip participants with the in-depth knowledge and practical skills necessary for the efficient administration of Kubernetes clusters. Covering a broad range of topics from core concepts and installation to advanced application lifecycle management and security, this course is structured to address the needs of both beginners and experienced professionals. The core concepts module introduces Kubernetes architecture, cluster communication, and fundamental Kubernetes objects, emphasizing the design and operation of cluster components, the importance of labels, selectors, and annotations, and the basics of pod, container, and image management.

Installation and configuration form a critical part …