Digital Rights Management

At Courseware Store, we take Digital Rights Management (DRM) seriously to ensure that your Intellectual Property (IP) is well protected. Our advanced DRM solutions prevent unauthorized access, copying, and distribution of your valuable courseware, safeguarding your hard work and investment. As authors, you can confidently sell your courseware on our platform, knowing that your rights are respected and your content is secure. We are committed to providing a trusted environment for authors and consumers alike, fostering creativity and promoting the exchange of knowledge.


Because, most people are familiar with PDFs and know how to navigate them, it makes a lot of sense to use PDFs as courseware. Unfortunately, if you distribute your courseware as a standard PDF, your intellectual property isn’t very save, even if the PDF is password protected. PDFs suffer from:

  • Weak encryption: PDF encryption can be easily cracked. This means that sensitive information in a PDF document may not be adequately protected.
  • Limited password protection: PDFs can be password-protected, but passwords can be easily guessed or shared. Additionally, some PDF readers allow users to remove password protection from a document, which could result in unauthorized access to sensitive information.
  • No control over user actions: Once a user has access to a password-protected PDF, there is no way to control what they do with the document. They may be able to copy, print, or modify the document, even if it’s not permitted.
  • Vulnerabilities in PDF readers: PDF readers may have vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers to gain access to sensitive information in a PDF document.
  • Lack of tracking and auditing: Built-in PDF security does not provide comprehensive tracking and auditing capabilities to monitor who has accessed a document and what they have done with it.


Courseware Store uses Locklizard’s PDF security software to provide robust security measures to safeguard your courseware and ensure that it is only accessed by authorized users.

How is your courseware protected?

  • Encryption: Locklizard’s encryption ensures that the contents of your PDF are protected and can only be accessed by authorized users.
  • DRM controls: Digital rights management (DRM) controls restrict access to your PDF to only authorized users, preventing unauthorized distribution or sharing.
  • Dynamic watermarks: Dynamic watermarks provide a way to track document usage and prevent unauthorized sharing. The watermark changes based on the user’s identity and usage rights, discouraging users from sharing the document.

In fact, a Locklizard PDF isn’t really a PDF at all. When a PDF document is protected using Locklizard’s software, it is converted into a proprietary file format with the extension “.pdc” (Portable Document Container). The .pdc file contains the encrypted PDF content along with Locklizard’s DRM controls. The .pdc file can only be opened using Locklizard’s proprietary Viewer software, which decrypts the file and allows the authorized user to view the protected PDF content. So, unlike with standard PDFs, you don’t have to worry about how different PDF readers will handle encryption, and you can be sure that your documents are safe.