Introduction to Oracle Application Express

Introduction to Oracle Application Express Courseware (APEX101)

The course provides a thorough introduction to Oracle APEX, designed to equip your students with the knowledge to develop web-based database applications efficiently. It starts by introducing APEX, outlining its evolution and highlighting its significance in the tech industry for its low-code, rapid application development environment. This foundation sets the stage for a deeper exploration into APEX's architecture, components, and the main programming languages used, primarily SQL and PL/SQL.

Your students will learn about the various roles within the APEX ecosystem and deployment options, preparing them for real-world application development and teamwork. The course emphasizes practical exercises, including creating queries, designing user interfaces, and developing applications, to apply theoretical knowledge in realistic scenarios. This hands-on approach ensures that students gain valuable experience in building scalable, secure applications with APEX.

By offering this course, you're not just enhancing your training portfolio but also providing your students with a skill set that is highly valued in today's job market. Students taking this course will learn to use APEX to tackle complex business challenges, making them strong candidates for development teams seeking to leverage Oracle's powerful application development platform.

Publisher: Webucator


  • Introduces the fundamentals of Oracle Application Express (APEX), setting a solid foundation for web-based application development.
  • Explains the history and evolution of APEX, providing context and appreciation for its current capabilities.
  • Highlights the significance of APEX in the tech industry for its low-code, rapid application development environment.
  • Offers an in-depth look at APEX's architecture and components, enabling a better understanding of how applications are built and run.
  • Covers the main programming languages used in APEX, primarily SQL and PL/SQL, enhancing data manipulation skills.
  • Defines the various user roles within the APEX ecosystem, preparing students for team collaboration in real-world projects.
  • Discusses APEX deployment options, equipping students with knowledge for moving applications from development to production.
  • Includes hands-on exercises, such as creating queries, designing user interfaces, and developing full applications, for practical learning.
  • Teaches best practices in application development, from data model creation to security, ensuring students build efficient and secure applications.
  • Prepares students for the job market by providing them with a sought-after skill set in developing scalable and secure web applications.

PowerPoint Presentation

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Skillable Lab


  1. Introduction to APEX
    1. What is Oracle Application Express (APEX)?
    2. History of APEX
    3. Why Use APEX?
    4. Architecture and Components
    5. Main Programming Languages in APEX
    6. User Roles in the APEX Ecosystem
    7. APEX Deployment Options
    8. The APEX Hierarchy
    9. Log in to the APEX Workspace (Exercise)
  2. SQL Workshop
    1. Components of SQL Workshop
    2. Query Builder
    3. Selecting Data from a Single Table
    4. Joining Tables
    5. Creating Queries in Query Builder from Graphical Representation (Exercise)
    6. Creating Queries in Query Builder from Report (Exercise)
  3. Applications
    1. App Builder Areas
    2. Creating An Application (Exercise)
    3. Options for Creating an Application
    4. Best Practice: Create the Oracle Data Model
  4. Pages
    1. Page Designer Overview
    2. Create An About Us Page (Exercise)
    3. Page Designer: Left Pane
    4. Page Designer: Right Pane
    5. Page Designer: Central Pane
    6. Breadcrumbs and Navigation
    7. Understanding Layout
    8. Designing the About Us Page (Exercise)
  5. Regions
    1. Working with Regions
    2. Creating Regions on a Page (Exercise)
  6. Classic Reports
    1. Classic Reports Overview
    2. Creating A Classic Report (Exercise)
    3. Classic Report Attributes
    4. Alternative for Creating a Classic Report Page
  7. Forms
    1. Basic Functionality of a Form
    2. Browsing Records in a Table
    3. Create a Form to Browse Employees (Exercise)
  8. Interactive Reports
    1. Features of Interactive Reports
    2. Create Departments Interactive Report (Exercise)
    3. Using Drill Downs (Exercise)
  9. Items
    1. The ABCs of Items
    2. Layout Properties
    3. Building a Dynamic Countries Form with APEX Items (Exercise)
    4. Dynamic Department Filtering with APEX Checkboxes (Exercise)
  10. Buttons and Sessions
    1. Button Actions
    2. Session State Management
    3. Exploring Session Management and Redirection in APEX (Exercise)
  11. Computations
    1. Application Computations vs. Page Computations
    2. Calculate Employee Benefits Contribution
    3. Create a Computation (Exercise)
  12. Validations
    1. Validations Overview
    2. The Sequence of Events During Page Submission
    3. Create Validations (Exercise)
  13. Processes
    1. Application Processes vs. Page Processes
    2. Page Processes
    3. Creating Insert and Delete Processes (Exercise)
  14. Branches
    1. Understanding Branches in Oracle APEX
    2. Create Departments in Country Branch (Exercise)
  15. Using Plug-ins
    1. Plug-in Basics
    2. Using a Plug-In (Exercise)
    3. Best Practice: Choose Your Plug-ins Wisely
  16. Calendars
    1. APEX Calendar Features
    2. Using a Calendar For Employee Hire Date (Exercise)
  17. Dynamic Actions
    1. Types of Dynamic Actions
    2. Creating and Using Dynamic Actions (Exercise)
    3. Adding Check and Uncheck All Buttons (Exercise)
  18. Security
    1. Session State Protection
    2. Understanding Authorization Schemes
    3. Hashing
    4. Creating Authentication and Authorization Schemes (Exercise)
    5. Best Practice: Build to be Secure
  19. Deployment
    1. What is Deployment?
    2. Deployment Strategies
    3. Exporting and Importing Applications
    4. Exporting and Importing an Application (Exercise)
  20. Team Development
    1. Team Development Overview
    2. Creating an Issue in Team Development (Exercise)

Required Prerequisites

  • SQL
  • PL/SQL

Useful Prerequisites

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Length: 5 days | $250.00 per copy
Labs: Add-on available | $74.32 per lab
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  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Labs (optional add-on)
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