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Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, and APEX


This courseware track offers a structured learning path from basic SQL queries to advanced application development in Oracle APEX. It enables your training company to support students at various stages of their career development, offering them a clear progression path.

With Oracle being a cornerstone in the database and application development sectors, these courses align with the skills demanded by the industry. By offering training in both foundational SQL and advanced APEX development, you're equipping your students with the tools needed in today's job market, enhancing their employability.

A SQL Server trainer with web development experience could learn to teach these Oracle courses, maximizing the versatility of your existing resources. We provide comprehensive resources to assist trainers in this transition, ensuring they can deliver high-quality education with confidence and minimal adjustment time.

By broadening your course offerings to include both introductory and advanced Oracle technologies, you attract a wider audience. From those new to database management to professionals seeking to upgrade their development skills with Oracle APEX, you cater to a diverse learner base.

Offering a complete suite of Oracle courses showcases your commitment to providing high-quality, relevant education. It positions your training company as a leader in technology education, appealing to both prospective students and employers looking for skilled candidates.

Included Courses

Oracle SQL

Length: 4 days | $160.00 per copy

This Oracle SQL course is designed for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of SQL using Oracle Database. The course covers topics such as relational database basics, creating tables, basic selects, Oracle SQL functions, aggregate functions, joins, subqueries, set operators, conditional processing with CASE, Data Manipulation Language (DML), and creating views. Through practical exercises and real-world examples, students will gain a strong foundation in SQL and learn how to create, manipulate, and retrieve data from Oracle databases efficiently and effectively.

Labs: Add-on available | $50.97 per lab
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Oracle PL/SQL

Length: 5 days | $200.00 per copy

This Oracle PL/SQL course is designed for people who are already familiar with Oracle SQL and want to learn the fundamentals of PL/SQL programming in Oracle Database. The course covers topics such as PL/SQL basics, subprograms, conditional processing, exceptions, cursors, packages, and triggers. Through practical exercises and real-world examples, students will gain a strong foundation in PL/SQL and learn how to create efficient, maintainable, and secure applications in Oracle databases.

Labs: Add-on available | $74.32 per lab
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Introduction to Oracle Application Express

Length: 5 days | $250.00 per copy

The course provides a thorough introduction to Oracle APEX, designed to equip your students with the knowledge to develop web-based database applications efficiently. It starts by introducing APEX, outlining its evolution and highlighting its significance in the tech industry for its low-code, rapid application development environment. This foundation sets the stage for a deeper exploration into APEX's architecture, components, and the main programming languages used, primarily SQL and PL/SQL.

Your students will learn about the various roles within the APEX ecosystem and deployment options, preparing them for real-world application development and teamwork. The course emphasizes practical exercises, including creating queries, designing user interfaces, and developing applications, to apply theoretical knowledge in realistic scenarios. This hands-on approach ensures that students gain valuable experience in building scalable, secure applications with APEX.

By offering this course, you're not just enhancing your training portfolio but also providing your students with a skill set that is highly valued in today's job market. Students taking this course will learn to use APEX to tackle complex business challenges, making them strong candidates for development teams seeking to leverage Oracle's powerful application development platform.

Labs: Add-on available | $74.32 per lab
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Advanced Oracle Application Express

Length: 5 days | $250.00 per copy

The advanced APEX course is designed to deepen your students' understanding of Oracle APEX, focusing on advanced features and development techniques. It covers complex topics such as session state management, advanced security measures, and the intricacies of data loading and transformation. This course is structured around practical, hands-on exercises that challenge students to apply what they've learned in real-world scenarios, such as implementing custom authentication, navigating complex data relationships, and optimizing application security.

Key areas of focus include enhancing application usability through advanced navigation and interface design, utilizing APEX's powerful data visualization tools, and extending APEX functionality with themes, templates, and plug-ins. Students will also explore RESTful services, learning how to integrate external APIs and publish their own services to enhance application interactivity and functionality.

By participating in this course, your students will refine their skills in building sophisticated, secure, and highly interactive web applications with Oracle APEX. This not only complements their foundational knowledge but also prepares them for more challenging development roles. Offering this advanced course will not only expand your training offerings but also equip your students with advanced skills that are in demand, making them competitive in the job market and capable of tackling complex projects with Oracle APEX.

Labs: Add-on available | $74.32 per lab
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